I wanted to pursue a theological education rooted deeply in the Reformed tradition. I felt frustrated, because the seminaries that I was researching in this tradition seemed pretty narrow and exclusive in their outlook, proud of their distinctives at the expense of others. This gave the Reformed tradition an air of arrogance. The winsome nature of RTS ultimately convinced me that this was the seminary to attend. The first class I took was Missions with Dr. Steve Childers. I had never considered missions from a Reformed perspective, and the captivating mentality of that class convinced me that I’d made the right decision.

RTS equipped me to explore many areas of theological education that I had not previously considered. I recall the first time I attended the Evangelical Theological Society as an RTS student. It was an eye-opening experience for me to see the world of academia and how biblical scholarship advances in our age. Prior to attending RTS, I had never considered doing a further degree after I graduated, but RTS opened my eyes to other possibilities. After my time at RTS, my love for God and others has increased, and my sense of calling to serve in the pastorate has been confirmed.

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