Before attending RTS, I was passionate about helping people but unskilled and often ineffective. I realized that the high school girls that I worked with had bigger problems than I could handle. I wanted to be able to be the counselor instead of feeling helpless and referring them to a counselor. When I started seeing clients in the clinic at RTS, I started to understand that counseling was what God had created me to do. 

I’ve been able to open doors in the international community that are only possible to open with a higher education degree. Especially in Asia, my degree gives me opportunities and respect that I would not otherwise receive. Besides the professional benefits, my education has also helped me to be a healthier person, have a healthier marriage, and maintain healthier relationships; therefore, I can serve the Church in more diverse ways. The experience that I gained at RTS has been invaluable to all the ministry roles I have held since graduation. 

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