What motivated me to enroll at RTS was having a good Reformed theological education. I did consider going to seminary before, but none of the local seminaries I knew were from the Reformed tradition, and I felt a bit frustrated. In 2010, one of my friends told me about RTS Washington; I was very excited. At first, I just wanted to equip myself more. I was not entirely thinking about future pastoral ministry. From the beginning of my time at RTS, I knew it was the right decision. The path of future pastoral ministry became increasingly clear since my first class at RTS.  

I changed my career from being a graphic designer to serving as a full-time member of the pastoral staff in a Reformed Chinese church. God has providentially led me to serve in my current church even before I graduated from RTS in 2018. I did not come from a Reformed church background, but through the help and directions given by my RTS professors, God guided me and my family to this new call in life. Before RTS, I only had the basic understanding of Reformed theology, serving in a non-denominational church, doing lay-preaching and teaching ministry. After graduating, I feel like I really have a great and solid education that is theologically sound and practically oriented, preparing me to serve in the full spectrum of pastoral ministry. 

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