As I was graduating college, knowing pastoring was my desire, I knew I needed a good seminary to teach me, train me, and put me on a Godward and healthy direction. RTS Atlanta had just opened, which made RTS a natural and easy choice.  

I knew from the first lecture that RTS was where God wanted me to be. Dr. Fesko was teaching on Sanctification and it was clear that this subject gripped his soul and therefore ought to grip ours as well. Seeing this and being gripped by this was immensely challenging and satisfying.  

Overall, RTS taught me that right doctrine matters as well as right feeling toward that doctrine. I can know the right things about God, but if right orthodoxy doesn’t lead me to doxology, I am a fool. A mind full of truth and a heart full of praise – RTS taught me this pattern.  

Before enrolling, I was young and ignorant about much concerning our reformed faith and heritage. After graduating I realized a whole new world had been opened up to me, and I became eager to spend the rest of my life diving into this world. 

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