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What can I do to prepare for seminary?

Dr. Ligon Duncan | 
December 7, 2022

How do I keep from making God just an object of study?

Dr. Michael Allen | 
November 30, 2022
Sermons & Messages

Not by Faith Alone

David Jackson | 
November 16, 2022

Where did Satan come from?

Dr. Guy Richard | 
November 16, 2022

Ministry in Marriage
Episode 2

Dr. Michael Kruger, Melissa Kruger | 
November 11, 2022

From the Manger to the Throne
A Theology of Luke

Dr. Benjamin Gladd, Dr. Ligon Duncan | 
November 10, 2022
Bible Studies

The Return of the King: To Rule Over Creation
Lesson 9

Dr. Michael Kruger | 
November 9, 2022
Sermons & Messages

How do I know if I really love God?

Dr. Rod Culbertson | 
November 9, 2022