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2018-2019 AY - FALL


2018-2019 AY - SUMMER


2017-2018 AY - SPRING



2017-2018 AY - WINTER


2017-2018 AY - FALL


2017-2018 AY - SUMMER

2016-2017 AY - SPRING





2016-2017 AY - WINTER


2016-2017 AY - FALL


2016-2017 AY - SUMMER



2015-2016 AY - SPRING

2015-2016 AY - WINTER


2015-2016 AY - FALL



 2015-2016 AY - SUMMER



2014-2015 AY - SPRING



2014-2015 AY - WINTER



2014-2015 AY - FALL



2014-2015 AY - SUMMER



2013-2014 AY - SPRING 



2013-2014 AY - WINTER 


2013-2014 AY - FALL

2013-2014 AY - SUMMER 


2012-2013 AY - SPRING 


 2012-2013 AY - WINTER

        2012-2013_03_2CE514 Educational Ministry of the Church
        2012-2013_03_2DM803 Leadership-The Shaping of Leaders
        2012-2013_03_2DM803LA From Eden to Sinai and Beyond
        2012-2013_03_2DM853 Church Planting and Renewal
        2012-2013_03_2DM868 Addictions-Finding Lasting Freedom
        2012-2013_03_2OT502A Hebrew I Traditional Track
        2012-2013_03_2OT502B Hebrew I Electronic Track
        2012-2013_03_2OT717 Biblical Theology of the Old Testament
        2012-2013_03_2PSY503 Psychodiagnostics and Advanced Therapy Skills
        2012-2013_03_2PSY503B Psychodiagnostics
        2012-2013_03_2PT520 Church Polity
        2012-2013_03_2ST610 Doctrine of the Trinity
        2012-2013_03_2ST719 Baptist Confessions

2012-2013 AY - FALL

      2012-2013_02_2HT502 History of Christianity I
      2012-2013_02_2HT508 Classics of Personal Devotion
      2012-2013_02_2MS508 Evangelism
      2012-2013_02_2MS518 Missions
      2012-2013_02_2NT504 Greek II
      2012-2013_02_2NT522 Hebrews to Revelation
      2012-2013_02_2ON708 Hermeneutics
      2012-2013_02_2OT506A Hebrew Exegesis Traditional Track
      2012-2013_02_2OT506B Hebrew Exegesis Electronic Track
      2012-2013_02_2OT510 Judges to Esther
      2012-2013_02_2OT712 Readings in Biblical Theology
      2012-2013_02_2PSY510 Social and Cultural Issues in Counseling
      2012-2013_02_2PSY511 Human Growth and Development
      2012-2013_02_2PSY519 Psychopathology
      2012-2013_02_2PSY551 Professional, Ethical, and Legal Studies
      2012-2013_02_2PSY560 Theory and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy
      2012-2013_02_2PSY568 Intro to Marriage and Family Therapy
      2012-2013_02_2PSY630 Psychology in Relation to Theology I
      2012-2013_02_2PT510A Preaching Lab IA
      2012-2013_02_2PT510B Preaching Lab IB
      2012-2013_02_2PT516 Pastoral Counseling
      2012-2013_02_2PT522 Communication II
      2012-2013_02_2PT526 Worship
      2012-2013_02_2PT528 Theology of Ministry I
      2012-2013_02_2PT534 Field Education Seminar
      2012-2013_02_2PT703 Theology Research and Writing 
      2012-2013_02_2PT704 A Life and Ministry of Prayer
      2012-2013_02_2ST501 Systematic Theology Survey for MAC
      2012-2013_02_2ST502 Intro to Pastoral and Theological Studies
      2012-2013_02_2ST508_ST I Scripture Theology and Anthropology
      2012-2013_02_2ST520_ST III Ecclesiology and Sacraments
      2012-2013_02_2ST530 Apologetics

2012-2013 AY - SUMMER

      2012-2013_01_2HT502 History of Christianity I
      2012-2013_01_2MS508 Evangelism
      2012-2013_01_2NT502 Greek I
      2012-2013_01_2PSY501 Fundamental Therapy Skills
      2012-2013_01_2PSY546 Research and Program Evaluation
      2012-2013_01_2PSY571 Group Theories and Practice
      2012-2013_01_2PSY576 Healing Metaphores
      2012-2013_01_2PT508 Communication I 
      2012-2013_01_2PT510A Preaching Lab IA
      2012-2013_01_2PT510B Preaching Lab IB
      2012-2013_01_2PT524B Preaching Lab IIA
      2012-2013_01_2PT524B Preaching Lab IIB
      2012-2013_01_2PT528 Theology of Ministry I
      2012-2013_01_2PT701 Radical Grace
      2012-2013_01_2ST504 History of Philosophy and Christian Thought
      2012-2013_01_2DM802LA The Doctrine of the Trinity
      2012-2013_01_2DM804 Leading the Healthy and Growing Church
      2012-2013_01_2DM808LA Pastoral Care
      2012-2013_01_2DM858 Ministry Leadership for the Long Haul

 2011-2012 AY - SPRING

      2011-2012_04_2HT504 History of Christianity II
      2011-2012_04_2HT506 The Church and the World
      2011-2012_04_2NT506 Greek Exegesis
      2011-2012_04_2NT508 Gospels
      2011-2012_04_2NT518 Acts and Pauline Epistles
      2011-2012_04_2NT602 Greek Readings
      2011-2012_04_2ON504 Advanced Biblical Exegesis
      2011-2012_04_2OT504 Hebrew II - Traditional Track
      2011-2012_04_2OT504 Hebrew II - Electronic Track
      2011-2012_04_2OT508 Genesis to Joshua
      2011-2012_04_2OT510 Judges to Esther
      2011-2012_04_2OT512 Poets
      2011-2012_04_2OT516 Isaiah to Malachi
      2011-2012_04_2PSY503 Advanced Therapy Skills
      2011-2012_04_2PSY570 Couples Counseling
      2011-2012_04_2PSY576 Counseling in Community Settings
      2011-2012_04_2PSY632 Psychology in Relation to Theology II
      2011-2012_04_2PSY634 Psychology in Relation to Theology III
      2011-2012_04_2PT508 Communication I
      2011-2012_04_2PT524 Preaching Lab IIA
      2011-2012_04_2PT524 Preaching Lab IIB
      2011-2012_04_2PT530 Theology of Ministry II
      2011-2012_04_2PT532 Preaching Lab IIIA
      2011-2012_04_2PT532 Preaching Lab IIIB
      2011-2012_04_2PT534 Field Education Seminar
      2011-2012_04_2PT535 Senior Seminar
      2011-2012_04_2PT702 Spiritual Formation
      2011-2012_04_2ST504 History of Philosophy and Christian Thought
      2011-2012_04_2ST514 ST II: Christ, Soteriology, Eschatology
      2011-2012_04_2ST528 Pastoral and Social Ethics
      2011-2012_04_2ST718 Engaging Religious Pluralism

2011-2012 AY - WINTER

      2011-2012_03_2CE514 Educational Ministry of the Church
      2011-2012_03_2DM802 Applied Theology: Spiritual Formation
      2011-2012_03_2DM853 Church Planting and Renewal
      2011-2012_03_2DM866 Communicating Christianity in the 21st Century
      2011-2012_03_2NT522 Hebrews to Revelation
      2011-2012_03_2OT502A Hebrew I: Traditional Track
      2011-2012_03_2OT502B Hebrew I: Electronic Track
      2011-2012_03_2OT716 Old Testament Theology
      2011-2012_03_2PSY542 Evaluation and Assessment
      2011-2012_03_2PSY571 Group Theory and Practice
      2011-2012_03_2PSY573 Sexuality and Sex Therapy
      2011-2012_03_2PT520 Church Polity

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