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Reformed Theological Seminary's Global Education was established to extend the mission of the seminary beyond the geographic limitations of the residential campuses, affording students all over the world the opportunity to pursue a fully-accredited, Biblical, theology degree. To that end, academic programs through Global Education are centered around our Master of Arts degree programs, where 100% of the courses for these online degrees may be completed via distance education.

We define the concept of distance education as a method of study primarily characterized by the separation of the teacher from the learner – and the learners, respectively, from each other – for much (or all) of an academic course. We bridge this separation via teaching tools including printed and electronic media, a mobile app and iTunes U, our online classroom, learner-centered course structure and delivery, and prompt, helpful student support.

With RTS Global, we provide academic and practical ministry training that is equivalent to the training offered at our other campuses. Our goal is to see that more people would be won to Christ and built up in the faith, resulting in healthy, growing churches and a perceptive application of the Bible to all facets of life.

Since the Bible is the Word of God, it is the basis for the total curriculum. Students are equipped with the necessary skills to lead in understanding and teaching the Scriptures, developing above all a burning desire to know and do the will of God as revealed in the Bible's Old and New Testaments.

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