“My ministry both on the field and developing leaders surfaced the need for solid theological and biblical input. Being able complete my Master of Divinity at RTS while serving in Cru was a fantastic opportunity. It was refreshing to take courses at RTS which desires to work with the whole body of Christ, including Cru. I was able to take the knowledge and principles I gleaned from incredible professors and quickly apply them in my ministry, which continues to influence the way I lead today!”

—Marc Rutter

US National Director
of Leadership
Development for Cru.



“RTS and Campus Crusade share a common passion. Both value the head and the heart. Both seek to developed Godly, equipped, passionate followers of Christ—people who love the Lord, engage the culture and live the Gospel. If staff members want to build on their excellent foundation for ministry and life, RTS is the place for them.”

— Kellie Buszzard

Master of Arts in Christian
Thought graduate and former Cru staff member of 7 years


What RTS Offers You
Making the most of our resource

Cru provides you with quality training, and we will give you credit for it. You may receive Masters level credit at RTS for:

  • Theological courses offered at New Staff Training
  • Ten core courses offered through the Institute of Biblical Studies (IBS)

This training also gives you a head start towards other opportunities here at RTS:

  • Join us for some additional training.
  • A Certificate Student can accumulate
    up to 32 hours.
  • Enroll in one of our degree programs:
  • Master of Divinity
  • Master of Arts (Religion)
  • Master of Arts (Biblical Studies)
  • Master of Arts (Theological Studies)
  • Master of Arts in Counseling
  • Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy and Counseling
  • Master of Arts in Christian Counseling

Take IBS Courses for RTS Credit

Cru Courses
RTS Course Equivalents
Intro to Christian Theology
God/Bible/Holy Spirit
ST: Scripture, Theology Proper, Anthropology

Christian World View


Bible Study Methods
Biblical Interpretation
Biblical Communication


Leadership Track

Theology of Ministry I

Old Testament Survey
Church History

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Take RTS Courses for IBS Credit

Need this IBS Course?
Take this RTS Course
Online or On Campus
Bible Study Methods NT524--Introduction to Biblical Hermeneutics On Campus (Jackson)
God/Bible/Holy Spirit ST515--Scripture, Theology Proper, Anthropology All Campuses
Christian Worldview ST504--History of Philosophy and Christian Thought Either
Humanity/Christ/Salvation ST517--Christology, Soteriology, Eschatology All Campuses
Church History HT502--History of Christianity I Either
  HT504--History of Christianity II Either
  HT506--The Church and the World Either
Old Testament Survey OT508--Genesis-Joshua Either
  OT510--Joshua to Kings On Campus (Jackson)
  OT510--Judges to Esther Either
  OT512--Poets Either
  OT512--Psalms-Chronicles On Campus (Jackson)
  OT514--Judges-Poets Online
New Testament Survey NT508--Gospels Either
  NT510--Synoptics and Acts On Campus (Jackson)
  NT512--Gospels and Acts Online
  NT514--Johannine Literature On Campus (Jackson)
Apologetics ST530--Apologetics Either
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Flexible to Fit Your Schedule
Taking seminary to you...

RTS delivers exceptional theological training opportunity through regional, extension, and distance education. In fact, RTS was the first seminary where you could receive an accredited degree through distance learning. It's designed for Cru staffers in search of personal theological development or aspiring to gain a Master's degree. RTS helps you obtain your degree through on-site learning (available at every RTS campus location), through our winter/summer programs, the Global Program and, if you prefer, Master of Divinity Distance track.

RTS has also offered international classes in locations as widespread as Austria, Hungary, Scotland, and Hong Kong. We endeavor to bring education opportunities to wherever you are. All campus locations and contact info are listed at the bottom.


Affordable, Unmatched,
First-Rate Seminary Training

Seminary education to fit your budget

Affordable education doesn't mean second-rate. RTS strives to keep tuition low and academic quality high. At $475 per credit hour ($318.25 for all current Cru staff members), RTS consistently ranks as one of the most affordable seminaries in the country. Yet, the RTS faculty is acknowledged year after year for it's outstanding instructional skill and scholarship. Our professors bring a wealth of educational know-how and experience from prestigious institutions such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Cambridge, Oxford, Duke and others.


A mind for truth, a heart for God.
What makes RTS the right place for you?

In addition to brainpower, the RTS faculty possesses a unique care for heart and concern for their students' future ministries. The faculty, and administration, encourage and challenge students to excel in their studies, grow in their own hearts for people and glorify God in their future ministries. Preparing them to engage with God, the culture and in their community. This is why RTS offers philosophy, culture, and Biblical interpretation to help students understand and teach the Word with solid, edifying theology and in-depth Bible training.

Getting a RTS Transcript is easy…

To order a transcript of Cru courses taken for credit through RTS, just go to: www.rts.edu/site/academics/transcripts



The Cru+RTS
Partnership Scholarship provides a 33% tuition discount for all current Cru staff. This means that, for those who qualify, the tuition rate
for RTS courses is $318.25 per credit hour.

To qualify, fill out the online financial aid application and send
us a letter from your supervisor verifying that you are a current Cru
staff member.

Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS) and Cru share the vision for developing leaders in the body of Christ. We will equip you with the tools needed both to engage our culture with the gospel, and also to build Christian leaders for the 21st century.

To discover how to take advantage of this opportunity contact the admissions office of the campus nearest you:

Atlanta 888.995.8665, admissions.atlanta@rts.edu
Charlotte 800.755.2429, admissions.charlotte@rts.edu
Houston 800.752.4382, admissions.houston@rts.edu
Jackson 800.543.2703, admissions.jackson@rts.edu
Memphis 901.507.4490, admissions.memphis@rts.edu
New York City 800.755.2013, global.education@rts.edu
Orlando 800.752.4382, admissions.orlando@rts.edu
Washington DC 800.639.0226, admissions.washington@rts.edu
Global 800.755.2013, global.education@rts.edu

Or Click below:
Visit our web site at: www.rts.edu

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