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Welcome to RTS Memphis, a wonderful location to enjoy rich theological study in a missional cultural setting, thanks to a diverse group of students representing various churches and Memphis ministries. This campus is a special starting place especially for students who are already engaged in a full-time ministry context to begin their seminary experience amidst their vocational schedules. Our staff would love to serve and support your call to love God more deeply and others more effectively.

Brian Lewis
Executive Director, Memphis Extension

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Fall 2018, Evangelism Class Intensive with Dr. Elias Medeiros

RTS Memphis will host Dr. Elias Medeiros, Harriet Barbour Professor of Missions, to teach an Evangelism course as a 3-day ... | Read More

Henderson to Complete MDiv Distance while Remaining in Memphis

RTS Memphis student, Artez Henderson, has completed his Certificate in Theological Studies and will remain in ministry in Memphis ... | Read More

Announcing the African American Leadership Scholarship

RTS is pleased to announce the launch of the African American Leadership Scholarship beginning in the 2018-2019 academic ... | Read More

50% African American Leadership Scholarship

The African American Leadership Scholarship is a 50% scholarship for African American students who have experience in and a heart for ministry in African American, multiethnic, or urban contexts. It is available to RTS students in any degree program at any campus.

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Deepening of Mind and Heart

"Being a student at RTS Memphis has been a great joy in my life as a Christian. My understanding of Jesus Christ has grown exponentially since enrolling and has lead to a greater life of worship of Him on a daily basis. I believe that one of the greatest needs in the world is the teaching of sound doctrine to every nation, especially mainstream Christian circles that have veered. I see the truth of the gospel more clearly each time I participate in class, and am able to return to the campus more equipped to share with students. I am so glad that I am a student here, and am looking forward to my continued education." -Pete Bredesen CO Staff

Learning and Growing in Community

"The opportunity to learn should never to be taken for granted, but the opportunity to learn deep things about God's word should be held to an even higher esteem. RTS has been a crucial tool in helping me to see God in the beauty of knowledge. This knowledge of God's word has led me to a deeper experience of God's presence. I am excited to learn from men and women who are passionate and serious about God's word. It has also been a pleasure to explore who God is alongside students who have made it their life's mission to know Him and make Him known."-- Grace Ufot, Campus Outreach Staff

Being Edified in Christ while Serving the Church

"My experience with RTS Memphis has been so encouraging and edifying. These classes have not only helped equip me for ministry but they have drawn me closer to Jesus in order to be a better husband and father. I'm deeply grateful for all the wisdom gained from the professors and fellow classmates. It is such a blessing to know that these classes directly affect so many in gospel ministry and ultimately in reaching the lost in our city and around the world!" -- Lee Taylor, Second Presbyterian Church Youth Staff

Doing Ministry and Seminary Together

"I am on staff full-time at my church and RTS Memphis has been a Godsend for my situation. The staff and the resources available have made the pursuit of my degree possible. The presentation of the material is live-giving and immediately applicable. I have left class several times and used what we've covered to minister to the people that God has placed in my life. I leave every class more amazed at what lies behind each word God has given us in His holy word." --Michael Williamson, Director of Operations & Outreach, Christ Fellowship, Horn Lake, MS

Equipped to Love and Serve

"I love seminary! In a culture where truth has become obscure and relative, RTS has helped me hold fast to the unchanging and timeless truth of God's word. Because RTS has helped me thoroughly know the Bible, I not only love God more (because I know Him better), but am also more equipped to teach God's word on the campus."-- Ali Barker, Campus Outreach Staff

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Reformed Theological Seminary is authorized for operation as a postsecondary educational institution by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission. In order to view detailed job placement and graduation information on the programs offered by Reformed Theological Seminary Memphis, please visit tn.gov/thec and click on the Authorized Institutions Data button.

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