RTS Announces New MDIV Track for Reformed Church in America Students

RTS is pleased to announce that there is a new RCA track available for MDIV students seeking ordination in the Reformed Church in America (RCA). The RCA requires all candidates for ministry who choose not to attend an RCA denominational seminary to enroll in their Ministerial Formation Certification Agency (MFCA). The MFCA requires all its candidates to take 13.5 hours of RCA specific course work through Western Theological Seminary before it will grant a Certificate of Fitness for Ministry. The RCA track at RTS Jackson is designed to accommodate the requirements of the RCA by incorporating the required 13.5 credits from the RCA’s Ministerial Formation Certification Agency into the RTS MDIV curriculum. The new RCA track alleviates the added educational and financial stress upon RCA students at RTS by accepting 13 MFCA credits, taken through Western Theological Seminary, towards the MDIV degree.

Ben Kappers, an MDIV '11 graduate from the RTS Jackson campus and now Pastor at Baileyville Reformed Church in Baileyville, IL, says: "Being both a member of the RCA and a grateful student at RTS, I am pleased to see the seminary make such a great effort to attract and accommodate RCA students and their needs. This will make the financial and educational burden of seminary significantly lighter for RCA candidates who chose to study here at RTS. I certainly hope that this will encourage more RCA members to prepare for ministry here in Jackson." The new curriculum will benefit students like Ben, because of lighter class loads and lower costs.

Zach Garris, RTS Jackson MDIV '13, is considering ordination in the RCA, and had this to say concerning the new curriculum agreement: "I came to RTS Jackson because it’s one of the best seminaries in the country. I was originally discouraged from seeking ordination in the RCA because of the additional class load and cost required, but the new RCA track allows me to take my RCA classes in the summer and transfer them towards my MDIV. It will actually lighten my fall and spring schedules in Jackson."

The new RCA track will enable RCA members, like Zach, to seek ordination more easily in their own denomination and benefit from the quality reformed education that RTS has to offer. An education at RTS has many benefits for someone from the RCA looking to train for ministry in Christ’s church. With an education at RTS Jackson you get an affordable and excellent education in the reformed tradition, an undeniable commitment to Holy Scripture and Christian orthodoxy, abundant internships in local congregations, and frequent opportunities to preach and lead worship in local circuit churches. RTS Jackson offers students on-campus housing, a campus eager to welcome RCA students, access to some of the brightest reformed and evangelical minds today, and the support and resources necessary for gospel ministry in the 21st century.

MCA Courses Credit RTS Jackson Substitutions Credit 
RCA Polity 1.5 Polity 1    
RCA Standards 2.5 Church and the World; Elective 4
RCA History and Missions 2.5 Missions 2
RCA Worship 2.5 Worship 2
 Credo 1.5 Christian Life in Secular Culture 1
Seminar on Pastoral Formation 3 Intro to Ministry; Sanctification 3
 Total        13.5  Total     13

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