A Robust Education Experience
Available at a Computer Near You

We are getting creative in how we provide a positive learning environment and deliver robust theological education to you in an accessible, helpful way. We see this as an opportunity to give you the best of all of RTS this summer.

No matter your particular RTS campus or where you are sheltering right now, you can get a taste of all that RTS is and has to offer. You will be able to take advantage of the great course material and wonderful instructors not only from your own campus but also from RTS campuses that you may have never visited before.

There’s never been a better time to be an RTS student. We are responding to the educational disruption caused by the pandemic by giving our students more — more rich, devotional, learning and preparation for pastoral ministry. It doesn’t matter what campus you’ve done most of your studies on, all of RTS is yours.


Dr. Ligon Duncan

More Options Than Ever Before

The courses will be offered remotely through a variety of flexible options. Our academic team has put together a remarkable plan that will provide outstanding course offerings, great teachers, “live” instruction, as well as asynchronous options for those of you who need maximum flexibility to navigate your current life situation.

With a variety of format options being offered, students are going to experience the best possible education options and opportunities even in this current time of disruption.


Remote Residential Courses


Distance Education Courses


Summer Faculty Members


Student Limit (Most Courses)

Connect with Colleagues

Over three decades of experience in remote learning has prepared RTS for this moment. With most courses capping at 24 students, you will have the opportunity to connect more closely with your future ministerial colleagues from across RTS. While you may be physically distant, the interactions you will have will be invaluable in the days ahead. This is your opportunity to avail yourselves of what the whole of RTS has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Remote Residential courses are live courses involving synchronous online coursework, with at least 50% of lecture courses happening via Zoom meetings. These courses provide the opportunity to see, hear, and interact live with professors and students.

Asynchronous courses consist of pre-recorded lectures that you watch at your own chosen pace and time, allowing for maximum flexibility with your schedule.

We recommend that most students take only one course per mini-term. Students who are beginning their studies with Greek I in the summer B term should consider taking only that course this summer, given that summer A term exams and papers will overlap into the summer B term.

Papers and final exams for the remote residential courses will be due within three weeks of the final day of each term. See individual course syllabi for specific due dates. Papers and final exams for distance education courses are due by the course end date designated at the time of registration.

Yes! For summer 2020, RTS will honor all student scholarships in full to both remote residential and regular distance education courses. In other words, there will be no “scholarship cap” for our residential students when they take either remote residential or RTS Global Distance Education courses this summer.

Yes! As allowed by the accreditors, RTS will transcript these remote residential courses as residential for the purposes of determining the student’s residential course percentages.

Auditors are welcome for all summer courses at a tuition rate of $50 per credit hour. Due to space limitations, auditors will not be able to join the live portions of the Remote Residential courses, but will be provided access to recordings of these sessions after the fact. To register as an auditor, click here.

The Summer Institute for Biblical Languages is an initiative of RTS’s Jackson campus that enables students to complete the first two courses in either the Greek or Hebrew language track in a summer-long immersive experience. For summer 2020, these courses will be offered in Remote Residential format with Greek I & Hebrew I being offered June 22 – July 17, and Greek II & Hebrew II being offered from July 20 – August 14. Students who opt to participate in SIBL should plan to take both Greek I and Greek II or Hebrew I and Hebrew II this summer.

Because remote residential courses are intended to include a large percentage of live lectures and to provide valuable opportunities for live interaction, students should strive to attend all synchronous class sessions. If you need to miss one or two synchronous class meetings, we’ll be recording the audio, which you can listen to later that week. However, with any anticipated absences, please consult with the professor prior to registering for the course as normal course attendance expectations apply.

You can register for remote residential courses through the Self-Service website, and for Distance Education by emailing RTS Global registrar Alice Hathaway. If you encounter any difficulties with registration, please contact your local campus registrar. Registration will open on Monday, April 20.

Syllabi for the remote residential courses may be downloaded here. Syllabi for Distance Education courses are available here.

Yes, nearly 40 courses (see page 4) are available online at no charge, along with other RTS-related content. You can watch or listen at any time. Like auditing, no credit will be awarded. Check out the course syllabi or jump right in with the actual course lectures. Or you can download the RTS Mobile App or go to the RTS Resources web page to access all of our free online content.

The official drop date for Remote Residential courses is the first Wednesday of each term (June 10 for term A classes and July 15 for term B classes). Per regular catalog policy, courses may be dropped without academic penalty and with a full refund on or before these dates. After these dates, a student may drop the course only with permission from the professor and academic dean, and no refund will ordinarily be provided. Regular drop policies apply to distance education courses taken through RTS Global.

Your local campus registrar is ready to help! Please contact them via email, and they will reply within one business day.

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