Application Process

When to Apply

Persons seeking admission should apply no earlier than one year or no later than one month before the semester they expect to enter.  All new applicants may enter at one of four times per year:

June (Summer Languages)
August (Fall Semester)
January (Winter Term)
February (Spring Semester)

The Master of Arts in Marriage & Family Therapy and Counseling program only begins in the Fall and is only for full-time students.  The first round of Fall MFTC applications goes to review February 1.  After February 1, MFTC applications are reviewed on a rolling basis until the program is full.

What is Required for the Application

What is required in your application will be determined by the venue you seek at RTS.  You are responsible to make sure that all of the pieces of your application are submitted to the Admissions office in order to complete your application.

The chart below summarizes the pieces your application requires.  An explanation of each application piece then follows.

Certificate MAMFTCMDIV
Application FormXXXXXX
Appropriate Application FeeXXXXXX
Recent PhotoXXXXXX
Testimony Essay XXXXX
Reason Essay  XXXX
Pastoral Reference XXXXX
Academic Reference  XXXX
General Reference  XXXX
All Necessary Transcripts XXXXX
Personal & Professional Profile    X 
GRE    X  
Background Check    X  
Personal Interview    X  
Letter of Session Approval      
Academic Dean LetterX      
TOEFLFor ALL International Applicants


Application Form

Your application form will help you manage your application fee, your photo, your essays, and your references.  The essay questions will not only provide the Admissions Committee with important information about you as a prospective student, but will also demonstrate your writing ability.
To begin the application, either online or in print, click here.


Reformed Theological Seminary requires references from a former professor, your pastor, and a friend.  If you are using the online application, you will manage distribution of these electronically and the completed forms will be submitted to the seminary automatically.  If you are using the printed application, you will need to send the appropriate reference form to each reference, and then they will need to return the completed form directly to the Admissions office.

Academic Transcripts

Please request an official transcript from each college or university where you completed 6 or more semester hours (even if posted on subsequent transcripts). You should specifically request that the transcripts be sent directly to the Admissions office. Remember you must make this request. 

Personal & Professional Profile

In addition to the above requirements, our MFTC program requires additional essay questions found in the respective Personal & Professional Profile form below.  For your convenience, the Personal & Professional Profile is already included in both the online and printed applications.  It is included here for your quick reference.

Graduate Record Exam

The GRE is required for the application to the Marriage & Family Therapy and Counseling program.  While it is not required for other programs, we may request it in particular situations to help the student demonstrate academic proficiency.  For reporting purposes our school code is 1646.  To learn more about this and other additional requirements for the MFTC program, click here.

Background Check

Since MFTC students work with children and other clients in our counseling clinic, a background check is required for MFTC applicants.  A background check may be requested for other applicants in certain situations.  To learn more about this and other additional requirements for the MFTC program, click here

Personal Interview

After their application is submitted, MFTC applicants will sit for a personal interview.  A personal interview may be requested for other applicants in certain situations.  To learn more about this and other additional requirements for the MFTC program, click here

Academic Dean Letter

Those applying to be a Visiting Student need to submit a letter from your current Academic Dean stating that you are a student in good standing and that the coursework you intend to take will transfer to your current institution.

International Students

If you are an applicant for whom English is a second language you must meet additional TOEFL requirements.  To be connected to the TOEFL website click here.  (For reporting purposes our school code is 1646).  A score of 84 or higher with a minimum score of 21 for each section is required for admittance to any degree program. Students admitted to a Masters program who score between 84-100 are required to take Summer English before beginning coursework at RTS.  If RTS has enough incoming students who need the English service, a four week service will be offered on the RTS campus in July.  The estimated cost of the service at RTS is $1,500US plus books and living expenses.  If RTS does not have enough students to offer the English service, the student must complete an 8 week course at the English Language Institute in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.  The estimated cost (for classes, books, food, and housing) is $3,100US.  Students are responsible for contacting ELI and arranging the study there, to be completed before coming to RTS.  Plan to be in Hattiesburg, MS by June.  You may contact them by writing to: ELI ; University of Southern Mississippi; Box 5065; Hattiesburg, MS  39406-5065 USA.  You may call (601) 266-4337; fax (601) 266-5723; or email

For more information about this English course, please contact the Admissions office.  

Additional Requirements

The Admissions Committee will examine the credentials submitted to determine each applicant's suitability for admission.  Admission may be granted on the basis of these credentials alone, or the committee may also require additional requirements.

For more information on these or other admissions requirements, please email us at or contact the Jackson Admissions Director.


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