Excerpt from A Short History of the Westminster Assembly

This little work is nothing more than what it professes to be, a short history of the Westminster Assembly. It is hoped that the work will be found a fair and accurate statement of the historical facts associated with the Assembly. The author has done his best to work over for himself and with his own eyes the materials on which the history is based. These materials are abundant, and it is only too probable that much has escaped his notice and research.

The Westminster Assembly was an epoch in the creed forming age in which it met, and the results of its deliberations have been far-reaching. Recent events in Scotland, notably the decision of the House of Lords on August lst, 1904, in the Free Church of Scotland Appeals Case, have given a fresh interest to the Assembly and its work, more especially the Confession of Faith. Attention may, therefore, be directed to two Notes appended to Chapter IX. These Notes have arisen directly out of the judgment of the House of Lords, and contain matter which may be of some interest to students of the Assembly.