Tuition And Fees

Effective June 1, 2018 through May 31, 2019, subject to change thereafter.

Application fee (masters) $75.00
Application fee (special student) $40.00
Returned Check Fee $25.00
Tuition per semester hour $535.00
Auditing fee, per semester hour $50.00
Master of Arts in Counseling (MAC) Clinic fees $70.00/month
Student activities fee per semester (single student) $60.00
Student activities fee per semester (married student) $80.00
(No charge for student enrolled for 3 semester hours or less)
Graduation fee $200.00
Official Transcript per copy $10.00
Drop/Add fee per course $30.00
Dissertation and thesis binding fee Actual cost
Technology fee (per credit hour, Online Courses only) $60.00

Application fee $75.00
D. Min. tuition per credit hour $625.00
D. Min. Audit fee per credit hour $200.00
D. Min. Course Extension
       1. By permission of the professor (60 days) $150.00
       2. By permission of the D.Min. Director or Assistant Director (60 days) and a loss of one letter grade $300.00
D. Min. continuing fee (after 6 years)
       1st year $500.00
       2nd year $1,000.00
       3rd year $1,500.00
Graduation fee $200.00
Dissertation and thesis binding fee Actual cost
Drop/Add fee per course $30.00

Payment Schedule

A non-refundable advance payment of $200.00 is due upon acceptance into a program at all campuses. This payment will be applied toward the tuition fee for the first semester.

All tuition & fees for a semester are due the first day of class. However, a payment plan arrangement is available through the campus business manager. Those who are depending on financial support from churches, organizations, individuals, etc. should be prepared to meet financial obligations when due, whether or not such funds have been received.

A late payment fee of 1% per month (12% annual) will be charged to students whose accounts are past due. Students will not be permitted to register for a new semester, graduate, or receive transcripts unless all financial obligations to the Seminary have been settled, including library debts.

Tuition Refund Policy and Drop/Add Fee

Students who drop a course before the drop deadline will receive a full refund of tuition, less drop/add fees.  Those who withdraw after the deadline will not receive any refund of tuition.  Exceptions may be granted in extreme circumstances only through a written appeal to the business office or Academic Dean.

A charge of $30.00 will be assessed for dropping a course, adding a course, or replacing one course with another unless the change originates with a faculty member or administrative official.

Auditors/Tuition for Spouses of Students

Regularly enrolled full-time students (twelve hours or more), their spouses, and members of the seminary staff may audit classes without charge provided there is room in the class and they have registered with the Registrar. Spouses of full-time students also qualify for special for-credit tuition benefits. Others, provided there is room in the class, may audit courses after paying the required auditing fee.

Office of Student Housing - RTS/Jackson Dean Center - 601-923-1699

Campus - No Pets

Single Suites Full Time Student Part Time Student
$510 refundable deposit $400 $500
Renovated Single Suites    
$510 refundable deposit $500 $600
$510 refundable deposit    
1 bedroom $600     $700
2 bedroom $650 $750
Updated Apartments    
$510 refundable deposit    
1 bedroom $650  
2 bedroom $700  


  • Campus Single Suites - Residents are responsible for acquiring their own telephone service. Water and electricity is included in rent.
  • Campus Married Apartments - Residents are responsible for acquiring their own telephone and electric service. Water is included in rent.
  • Internet and cable t.v. services are acquired according to individual preference with company of your choice.

Utility Deposits: Entergy - $200

Student Housing - RTS/Orlando 407-278-4484

Off Campus - No Pets will be allowed.

Deposit:  $400 (refundable)

Condominiums Student (Married) Student (2 single roommates)
3 bedroom / 2 bath $1240 / month $413.33 / month (each)*
2 bedroom / 2 bath $950 / month $475 / month (each)
2 bedroom / 1 bath $925 / month $462.50 / month (each)

*Assumes 3 students in place of 2


  • Residents are responsible for acquiring their own power, internet, cable, and telephone services. Water and garbage is included in rent.
  • Power - Duke Energy (Also known as Progressive Energy)
  • Internet - Brighthouse or AT&T.
  • Amenities included in your rent: pool, tennis court, gym (key acquired at move-in)
  • Utility Deposit- Duke Energy $200


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