Pastoral Ministry in an Asian-American Context

Pastoral Ministry in an Asian American Context


Dr. Peter Lee, with Rev. Owen Lee
January 14 – January 16
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

The need for biblical pastoral ministry is a universal constant in the church of God ever since its inauguration. There are, however, particular challenges of ministry for pastors and church leaders within the Asian-American church context due to its particular ethnic setting, organizational structures, generational gaps, and cultural values.

The purpose of the course Pastoral Ministry in an Asian-American Context is to address these challenges by providing biblical guidelines so that healthy pastoral ministry can be exercised by leaders in that context. Lectures will cover a wide range of subjects, such as the general challenges of an Asian-American ministry, the legitimacy of ethnic-specific churches, issues of leadership and church polity, biblical reconciliation, and more.

Although anyone from any ethnic background can take this course and benefit from it, it will be taught by pastors and teachers who have extensive experience within the Asian-American community.

The final portion of the class will be a panel discussion with local Asian-American pastors; we will hear their thoughts on the current trends and needs in the Asian-American church and how they have established effective ministries in that setting.

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