MFTC Celebrates 25 Years of COAMFTE Accreditation

This fall marks 25 years of accreditation for the Marriage & Family Therapy and Counseling program. The MFTC program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Marriage and Family Therapy Education (COAMFTE) of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT). For 25 years, graduates of the MFTC program have been received by AAMFT as Associate Members, and are subsequently able to work as full clinical fellows of this national organization after completing supervised post-graduate clinical experience.

Courses in the MFTC program satisfy educational requirements for licensure both as Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) and Professional Counselor (LPC) in most states. Graduates of the program are prepared to work in religious and secular counseling environments using the strong clinical and biblical foundations built during their time at RTS Jackson.