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Youth Pastor

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The opportunity to make a huge difference is wide open. Our church is growing fast, and our student ministry is taking off, but thousands of students near us aren’t hearing the gospel from anybody. We want to reach them. Also, we want to lead our attending/believing students into spiritual maturity. So we’ve got a full-time, long-term career for a high-energy YP who can step in and lead our team to make super-amazing things happen. 

Here’s what you’ll do in this position:

  • You’ll develop and execute a strategy to take the gospel to thousands of students in middle and high schools near us. The education community will love you.
  • You’ll network, strategize, and partner with local FCA, Young Life and CRU staff (they will love you too) to put on events that reach and grow students. 
  • You’ll shape attending/believing students into biblically-solid, on-mission, passionate Christ-followers.
  • You’ll ground students in theology, apologetics, biblical worldview, and spiritual disciplines. 
  • You’ll lead our Sunday night youth ministry in fun, fellowship, worship, evangelism, and teaching. 
  • You’ll plan and execute an annual calendar of exciting events.
  • You’ll leverage social media for youth ministry. 
  • You’ll grow and empower your team.

To land this gig you’ll need: Alignment with our doctrine and mission (you can find these at

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Full Time

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Cornerstone Community Church

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(410) 861-0471




Southern Baptist Convention (SBC)

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Joppa, MD

Description of Organization

Our Mission is to: Bring In. Build Up.

The biggest problem on the planet is people dying without Jesus Christ. The intended solution is local churches that are effective at reaching them. We want to be that church. We want to Bring In lots and lots of people who are far from God. We want to bring them into our hearts, lives, groups, church, and ultimately into God’s kingdom.

Another problem on the planet is churches that are light on feeding their people on the good meat of God’s Word. Build Up means we want to feed well and build up sturdy, spiritually-robust, mature followers of Jesus Christ. We want to teach them to know and do all the things that Jesus commands his people.

Here’s a fun, parallel-universe version of our mission: Stay Meaty. Get Salty.

Stay Meaty means we’re a Biblically meaty church, and we intend to stay that way. We want strong, Bible-rich preaching, teaching, and songs.

Get Salty means we want to be highly effective at reaching people who are far from God. We want to see a constant, steady, growing stream of people coming to saving faith in Jesus Christ.

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