General Information

Job Title:

Youth Minister, Part-Time Bi-Vocational

Job Description:

Youth Pastor – Part-Time, Bi-Vocational


  • Loves the Lord deeply and wants to see His kingdom advance.
  • Has a “youth-friendly” personality and a heart for serving.
  • Can clearly present the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Able to explain and relate foundational theological concepts through teaching, media, music, lecture, small group interaction and casual conversation.
  • Effective public speaker.
  • Supports, affirms and resonates with overall church vision and mission.
  • Has a passion to grow, learn and pray.
  • Takes initiative to create opportunities for ministry.
  • Is driven to reach the lost in Christ’s power.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Able to use Microsoft Windows software, email, SMS, social media, and adapt to updated means of electronic communication.
  • Bachelor’s degree in theology, biblical studies or youth ministry (can be in process).
  • Previous Youth Ministry Experience is a plus.


  • To Christ
  • To Elder Leadership Team but most directly to the Pastor of Preaching & Vision


  • Nurture a deep and passionate relationship with Christ.
  • Be an active member of SJBC who regularly attends Sunday services, serves using giftedness.
  • Adhere, support and champion the theology and values as outlined in the Southern Baptist Convention’s Baptist Faith and Message, 2001.
  • Work 20-24 hours/week (in addition to voluntary service if deemed necessary).
  • Work with a team of people in a church ministry context.
  • Lead, execute, and evaluate high school ministry programs that have been approved by the Elder Leadership Team with a focus on biblical literacy, Great Commission fulfillment, and spiritual disciplines.
  • Lead, execute, and evaluate young adults’ ministry programs that have been approved by the Elder Leadership Team with a focus on biblical literacy, Great Commission fulfillment, and spiritual disciples.
  • Provide input into the vision and strategic direction of SJBC.
  • Engage in the continual process of developing and enhancing knowledge in theology and pastoral ministry with a specific focus on youth.
  • Assist in the youth ministry and young adults budgeting process.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Youth Ministries Leadership
  • Champion the Sunday morning mandate of students attending morning worship services, serving in giftedness, and reaching out to bring in other youth from the community.
  • Help the Pastor of Preaching and Vision to form a rapport with youth.
  • Provide a monthly connection point on Sunday mornings for all students in the ministry during the morning services.
  • Recruit, lead and develop student leaders and ensure strong high school student participation.
  • Update and encourage parents to partner with the youth ministry programs regularly. (Social media, newsletters, parents meetings.)
  • Review and recommend youth ministry curriculum as requested.
  • Plan and oversee regular weekly programs and regular monthly events, leading games, making announcements, engaging teens, leading small groups, presenting devotionals etc.
  • Build a ministry that engages with local High schools in the area.
  • Work in partnership with schools in the area to effectively reach youth in the community and develop a strategic ministry outreach plan.
  • Keep records of youth participation with Administrative Assistant. Ensure that new and existing youth are tracked and followed with regular contact.
  • Provide direction and care to students interested in vocational ministry.
  • Be available to encourage, challenge, and disciple the youth, and parents towards effective lives as followers of Jesus (i.e. lunch at school, after school visits, attendance at extracurricular activities, home visitations, and support during times of crisis, etc.).
  • Ensure that the church’s child protection policy is observed in all youth ministry settings.
  • Lead the development of student ministry teams.
  • Organize and lead youth ministry retreats.
  • Attend team meetings as scheduled.
  • Manage social media promotion.
  • Provide reports of various kinds when requested.

Summer Ministries

  • Be involved in VBS and summer programs.
  • Plan and execute summer events.
  • Plan and execute, with the Pastor of Preaching & Vision, a summer camping retreat for the youth.
  • Work in partnership with the Missions & Outreach team to conduct a summer missions trip.

General Ministries

  • Attend Elder meetings
  • Attend Ministry Team Leader Meetings.
  • Support other Elders as needed.

Position Qualifications:

Youth Pastor (Part-Time Bi-Vocational)
San Juan Baptist Church
Port Townsend, WA 98368

If you have a passion for glorifying God in the lives of youth and are looking for a ministry team environment that is passionate about disciple-making in the nature paradise of the Washington Peninsula, then you should apply for this position.

San Juan Baptist Church in Port Townsend, Washington is looking for a part-time Youth Pastor to join our leadership team. The candidate for this position is a deeply devoted and committed follower of Jesus who is passionate about seeing God’s kingdom advance and God glorified. He must be team-oriented and able to prove prior ministry experience with youth in a local church. Bible College and/or Seminary Degree is required (or in process). A love for outdoor adventure is also an asset.

The successful candidate will need to be an active member of San Juan Baptist Church and in full agreement with our ministry philosophy and Statement of Faith. This includes a demonstrated commitment to SJBC’s vision, mission, and principles of Christian living. Since this is a pastoral position, the candidate will need to be eligible to meet the pastoral requirements of the Southern Baptist Convention.

As an entrepreneurial and dynamic youth catalyst, this person will be responsible to lead a High School ministry and Young Adults ministry towards the goal of enabling individuals to become fully devoted disciples of Christ through the priorities of worship, community and advance of the gospel.  This person will also be part of our team of elders and will contribute to the overall vision, strategic direction, and leadership support of our Elder Team.

Application Deadline


Job Type:

Part Time

Salary Range:


General Information

Church/Organization Name

San Juan Baptist Church

Contact Name & Contact Info

(562) 883-5694




Southern Baptist Convention (SBC)

City, State

Port Townsend, WA

Description of Organization

Small SBC Church in rural Western Washington, about an hour from Seattle. We have a new pastor, our world view and concern for our community are growing. We need someone to help us with our vision for the youth of Port Townsend.

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