General Information

Job Title:

Youth Minister

Job Description:

Job Description

Full Time Youth Minister

At Cow Creek Community Church


The goal of the position:

  • To glorify Christ through faithful gospel ministry at Cow Creek Church with a special focus on leading and developing efforts to evangelize and disciple the young people involved with the church.



  • Accountability to Christ will be facilitated through the ongoing oversight of the elders and, if necessary, the discipline of the whole church.


Position Qualifications:


  • Must be in full agreement with the constitution and by-laws of Cow Creek Church.
  • Must be able to relate well with the elders and heartily support their philosophy of ministry.
  • Must possess the gifts, education, and experience required to successfully fulfill the responsibilities involved with this position.
  • Must have a particular desire to minister to young people.


Personal responsibilities:

  • Faithfully perform his duties in a way that honors Christ and is an example to the people he serves.
  • Sustain a vital, growing relationship with the Lord through personal and corporate worship, study of God’s Word, and prayer.
  • Maintain and grow in the character qualities outlined in 1 Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9.
  • View this work as ministry to be done in the power of the Holy Spirit, under-girded with prayer, guided by the Scriptures, and manifesting the character of Christ for the glory of God.
  • Lead his family (if any) in such a way that he will be a positive example to the people that he serves.
  • Carry out duties with total honesty and integrity.
  • Maintain cordial compatibility with the rest of the staff


Ministry responsibilities:

  • Provide primary leadership for overseeing and developing discipleship ministries to the youth at Cow Creek Church under the oversight of the elders
    • Weekly gatherings for the Junior High (JH) and High School (HS) age youth
    • The youth discipleship class on Sunday mornings
    • Organizing other youth ministry events
    • Identifying, recruiting, and training volunteer helpers to serve in youth ministry in various capacities
    • Participating in and facilitating one on one discipleship of youth
    • All of this will require willingness and ability to serve in at least the following capacities: leading, teaching, administration, and pastoral care.
  • Provide additional support for other ministries in the church as needed and according to ability (the following are some possible examples)
    • Assist in aspects of the morning worship service (i.e., announcements, Scripture reading, prayer, etc.)
    • Preach on occasion
    • Fill in as an adult discipleship class teacher
    • Teach a lesson at a men’s ministry event
    • Join a pastor on a care visit or in a meeting
    • Participate in Vacation Bible School.


Personal Development

  • The full-time pastor(s) will seek to provide the youth minister with counsel and help in developing the youth ministry and (as desired) will offer opportunities to gain experience and training that would equip them for pastoral ministry in the future.
    • The full-time staff pastor(s) will be available to help him think through issues pertaining to leading and developing youth ministry at the church
    • The fulltime staff pastor(s) will be willing to invest in him for the purpose of personal discipleship and leadership training
    • He would be given opportunities to gain experience in pastoral ministry by sitting in elder meetings, membership interviews, counseling sessions, pastoral visits etc. (and participate as appropriate).


Other details

  • Salary: $55,000
  • Vacation: 3 weeks paid vacation
  • Benefits:
    • Due to the exorbitant cost of group plans, the staff has purchased individual health plans through Covered California.
    • The church will include the amount needed to pay their insurance premiums in their salary (required by IRS).
    • The church also pays all co-pays and other medical and dental expenses (but not orthodontic expenses) out of a cash medical reserve account.
    • If any staff would like to purchase medical insurance outside of Covered California (i.e., Samaritan), the church will be willing reimburse some but not all the premiums.
  • Retirement:
    • The church will facilitate a retirement fund with an annual matching amount, but we are currently in the process of selecting a new plan so the details are pending.
  • Other compensation:
    • There will be budgeted amounts (TBD) for personal ministry expenses (i.e., meals, coffee, etc.), educational expenses (i.e., books, classes), and conference expenses.


Please begin by emailing your resume and a cover letter explaining you interest in the position to

Application Deadline

Job Type:

Full Time

Salary Range:


General Information

Church/Organization Name

Cow Creek Community Church

Contact Name & Contact Info

(916) 207-9915





City, State

Palo Cedro, CA

Description of Organization

Cow Creek Community Church is a non-denominal, independent, baptistic, Calvinistic church committed to biblical eldership, membership and discipline, redemptive-historical expository preaching, reformed worship, a culture of evangelism and discipleship, participation in global missions, and keeping the gospel of Jesus Christ the central focus of all we do.

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