General Information

Job Title:

Youth Minister

Job Description:

Director of Youth – Job Description
Reports To: Consistory
Schedule: 25 hours per week
A. Preaching / Teaching:
1. Preach as requested. Preach God’s Word by properly exegeting the biblical text, staying
within the creeds and confession of the CRC, clearly communicating the truths of the text, and
applying the text to the lives of the congregants
2. Teach Sunday classes, seminars, or catechism when requested
3. Leading the pre-profession of faith classes
4. Speak at BCS chapel when requested
B. Fellowship / Pastoring
1. Lead regular Youth gathering to encourage growth and fellowship
2. Lead, plan, and attend various church-sponsored Youth outings and service trips
3. On Sunday when preaching, greet those who attended the service as they exit
4. Attend on campus events at BCS as necessary to support BCRC youth.
C. Prayer
Lead the congregation in prayer during the worship services as needed
D. Administrative Duties
1. Meet all CRC denominational requirements
2. Provide feedback and assist in setting vision, mission, goals, and metrics for the church and
the various committee as needed
3. Provide monthly feedback to Consistory (and Council when requested) on Youth related
issues and areas of improvement
4. Serve on various committees as assigned by the Consistory
E. Perform other duties as assigned

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Job Type:

Part Time

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General Information

Church/Organization Name

Bradenton Christian Reformed Church

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(941) 753-6465




Christian Reformed Church (CRC)

City, State

Bradenton, FL

Description of Organization

We are a conservative Christian Reformed Church in Bradenton, FL.  Our church is over 60 years old with blended, multi-generational worship.

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