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Youth and Family Director

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NOTE: Although this position description is set up as a full-time position, we are open to the possibility of dividing up these responsibilities into smaller, part-time units.

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Direct the overall operation of our family ministries, which consists of the Children’s Ministry (age 0 through grade 4) and Student Ministry (grades 5 through 12) with the goals of (1) moving children and students progressively toward healthy discipleship in age-appropriate ways; (2) equipping parents to evangelize and disciple their own children and students; and (3) finding creative ways to reach out to visiting families and unchurched families in our surrounding community. Oversee the Children’s Ministry Director and support staff.


    • Direct the planning, operation, and evaluation of the following official programs:
      • Sun Night “Plugged In” – Small groups for grades 9-12, led by volunteers
      • Sun Night “EDGE” – Big group for grades 9-12, includes worship, teaching, fun activity
      • Wed Night “Encounter” – Grades 5-6, includes teaching time and small groups
      • Wed Night “Elevate” – Grades 7-8, includes teaching time and small groups
      • NOTE: The Sunday night activities happen back-to-back, while the Wed night activities happen simultaneously and are run mostly by volunteers.
      • Teen Membership Class (“Reaffirm”) – Usually a weekend seminar once a year
      • Other official student ministry-related events
    • Oversee special student ministry programs such as retreats, mid-winter camps, summer camps, and mission trips.
  • Leadership and Team Development
    • Personally lead or appropriately delegate the leading of all student ministry activities.
    • Recruit helpers and leaders from across the congregation to assist in the overall operation of all aspects of the student ministry. Ensure they are appropriately screened and qualified based on their level of exposure to students and their specific responsibilities.
    • Supervise, develop, and evaluate the following part-time staff workers:
      • Children’s Ministry Coordinator (part-time)
      • Family Ministry Assistant (part-time)
    • Ensure all paid and key volunteer workers have clear expectations, training, development, and regular evaluations.
    • Seek out potential future leaders and work to move them up into leadership positions within the student ministry.
  • Relationships and Collaboration
    • Oversee consistent communication with parents and provide the tools they need for spiritual leadership of their own children, as needed. Be especially sensitive and helpful to unbelieving parents, spiritually underdeveloped parents, single-parent homes, or dysfunctional situations that may require an extra touch of care, instruction, and encouragement.
    • Always be on the lookout for new, visiting, or fringe families. Visit and/or contact new families and hurt or sick students within a couple weeks of occurrence. Intentionally help families connect to the various other ministries of our church as much as possible. Ensure the values of intentional hospitality and customer service permeate the ethos of the entire student ministry team.
  • Personal and Professional Development
    • Build in healthy rhythms of self-care, including nurturing your own soul, mind, body, relationships, and emotional life. Effectively balance work, family, and personal aspects of life. Let your relationship with God drive you to ministry, not the other way around.
    • Actively seek to learn and sharpen your professional skills. Read books and obtain resources related to your calling and position. Pursue seminars, conferences, or similar professional development opportunities as much as possible.


Position Qualifications:

Character and Competence

  • A spiritually mature individual who is proficient in communicating God’s Word, is evangelistically-minded and assents to the tenets of Reformed Theology
  • Must be a leader—able to cast vision, recruit, train, inspire, motivate, and evaluate volunteers and staff; able to build a strong, healthy team
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills (written and verbal)
  • Passionate and heartfelt concern for both churched and unchurched students and families
  • A highly energetic and hard-working individual who is committed to getting the job done
  • Possesses a positive, can-do attitude
  • Demonstrable ability to creatively envision and execute programs and events that help students worship God, grow in their faith, and use their gifts for God’s kingdom
  • Ability to model creative and effective teaching techniques for students
  • Self-motivated learner; committed to personal and professional development
  • Practical problem-solver who solicits advice and input from other staff and team members
  • Engaged co-worker who strengthens staff cohesion and effectiveness
  • An absolute commitment to excellence, professionalism, and safety
  • Solid time management skills and organizational abilities; ability to coordinate several activities at once and to quickly analyze and resolve specific problems is important
  • A high degree of flexibility and self-control in stressful situations and environments
  • Ability to meet deadlines and be punctual for meetings
  • Ability to work efficiently and effectively in team situations is critical, as well as the ability to work independently and not require a lot of daily coaching
  • Must be a Christian who supports our overall church vision; must be or become a member of our church

Education and Experience

A college or seminary degree in Student ministry or Christian education is preferred, but not required. More important than the content of the college degree is experience in a medium-to-large church setting where a variety of approaches to Student ministry were consistently demonstrated. Involvement in a Student ministry that focused on growing young disciples (not just creating fun worship experiences) is highly preferred. Experience working with unchurched families or interacting with prospective families is desirable.

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Full Time

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General Information

Church/Organization Name

Covenant Church

Contact Name & Contact Info

(321) 298-0104




Presbyterian Church in America (PCA)

City, State

Palm Bay, FL

Description of Organization

Covenant Church is a 450-member congregation in Palm Bay, FL.

OUR VISION is to "bring Gospel-restoration to people's deepest needs and our broken world."


  • Living Authentically – In a world of guilt and shame, we share together in the grace of God as we repent of our sins and heal from our wounds. Demonstrated by:
    • We preach the gospel to ourselves
    • We are a safe place to be broken
    • We cultivate an atmosphere of grace
    • We pursue honest, redemptive relationships
  • Praying Dependently – In a world of self-reliance, we find power when we look to God rather than to ourselves. Demonstrated by:
    • We pursue daily, personal worship of God in Word and prayer
    • We are led by the Holy Spirit personally in our decision-making through prayer
    • We become humble by trusting God’s sovereignty
    • We grow in faith by asking and receiving from God
  • Proclaiming Graciously – In a world of arrogance and hypocrisy, we declare the absolute truth of God’s Word and its message of gospel grace with boldness and kindness. Demonstrated by:
    • We are convinced that God’s Word is absolute truth
    • We are winsomely reformed in our preaching, teaching, and worship
    • We are relationally focused in our evangelism
    • We are Reformed-Evangelical in our expression
  • Connecting Intentionally – In a world of isolation and loneliness, we deliberately invite people to experience gospel community with us. Demonstrated by:
    • We live out radical hospitality in our church and in our homes
    • We are a culture of bringers and inviters
    • We disciple in the context of Biblical community
    • We are a church that intentionally connects with our city
  • Caring Genuinely – In a world of apathy and selfishness, we care for the deepest needs of people. Demonstrated by:
    • We care for each other’s needs through our small groups
    • We share practical help for those with practical needs
    • We minister to the hurting through care ministries in our church and community
    • We embody a Christ-centered approach to recovery and counseling
  • Multiplying Concentrically – In a world of hopelessness, we share the good news of the gospel to see people come to know Jesus as Savior across the street, across the tracks, and across the ocean. Demonstrated by:
    • We seek multiplicative growth of the family of God
    • We share the gospel through personal evangelism and acts of compassion
    • We raise up leaders to grow the kingdom and to church plant
    • We are on mission locally and globally
    • We live out the gospel where we live, work, and play
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