General Information

Job Title:

Young Life Pastor / Director

Job Description:

The Young Life Director will implement a comprehensive program of Christian life development for the Jr. High, High School, college, career, single and married young adults (ages 18-26) in our community. It is essential that this person be able to connect with our Youth and Young Adults on a social and spiritual level, with the intent of coaching them towards Christ-like maturity.

Position Qualifications:

  • Attendance and Participation to Encounter Christian Church
  • Passionate about spending personal time with God in prayer and studying the Word
  • Accept and support Encounter’s Mission, Vision, Values and beliefs.
  • A proven leader of students with gifts like leadership, teaching, and evangelism
  • A team player, not creating a silo ministry.
  • Demonstrated capacity to identify, develop, equip and lead a variety of ages of people
  • Able to gather unchurched/unreached students on and off campus for ministry events and missional activities that engage them in developing community and serving others.
  • Able to organize events and fund-raising activities and achieve ministry goals.
  • Passionate about students and young adults; calling them to Christ, discipling them, being involved and committed to the transformation of lives and cities as a part of the larger church.
  • Able to work without a great deal of supervision, until the job is completed and as a team.

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Job Type:

Part Time

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General Information

Church Name

Encounter Christian Church

Contact Name & Contact Info

(562) 866-0791





City, State

Bellflower, CA

Description of Organization

Who we are:

Encounter Christian Church is a family of diverse people from Bellflower and her surrounding cities. United by faith in Jesus Christ, we are driven by a authentic love for God and love for one another.

Why We Worship:

Worship connects our hearts with the heart of God. Through our creative expressions we retell the story of who God is, what He has done to pursue us, and how gratefully we respond. This is what we were created, saved and redeemed for.

What We Teach

The Pastors and Elders teach Christ-centered messages. Every message finds its way back to the main purpose why we gather which is to share the love of God through His Son, Jesus Christ empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Our Amazing Team

Our team has always been a melting pot of amazing people. From the newest team members to our originals, these people 
are the pioneers and implementers of all that we value and envision for the culture of Encounter Christian Church.

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