General Information

Job Title:

Young Adults Pastor

Job Description:

Ministry Objective

The Young Adults Pastor is committed to developing and maintaining discipleship and its effects on all young adults having either finished high school, graduated college, or have become parents. By engaging the LIFEGroup model, the pastor will bridge discipleship @ First Ridgeland with the missional impact and effectiveness to the community.  The pastor serves as the impetus for the growth of First Ridgeland’s young adults by equipping leadership and engaging membership. The Young Adults Pastor is committed with passion to the vision of First Ridgeland and to the call of Christ on his/her life and the love that binds us all in community.

Position Qualifications:


  • responsible to the Executive Pastor of the church

  • serves as a member of the church staff team and attends all staff meetings

  • coordinates and evaluates the effectiveness of all Young Adult ministry operations @ First Ridgeland

  • develops strong relationships with key leaders (paid and volunteer) for influential effectiveness and development

  • develops training projects and efforts to equip a capable and willing leadership base in ministry and missions effectiveness including personal spiritual guidance, study, techniques of teaching and innovations in ministry

  • develops and maintains growth in areas of individual, personal discipleship using First Ridgeland’s D-Group model

  • initiates a strategy to bridge LIFEGroup discipleship with the mission of First Ridgeland in the community

  • Teaches at designated young adult Bible studies and services and equips others with the skills necessary to succeed in similar opportunities

  • develops and plans focal Young Adult outreach events and campaigns


Terms & Agreements

  • the above position is classified as regular full-time

  • the salary is negotiated to be paid bi-weekly and is commensurate with experience

  • the salary and tenure will be reviewed and annual during performance evaluations

  • mileage is reimbursed monthly per submission of appropriately documented forms

  • ministry event/travel related expenses pertaining to the normal conduct of church ministry and business are reimbursed regularly per submission of appropriately documented forms

Application Deadline


Job Type:

Full-time or part-time

Salary Range:

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FIRST Ridgeland

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About First Ridgeland

First Ridgeland is on mission creating authentic communities for people to become like Jesus. Because we believe Jesus is the answer to everything...for everybody! We do this using a strategy of LIFESource--our commitment to God through His Word and prayer, LIFEGroups--our commitment to discipleship and community, and LIFEServe--our commitment to serve. We create a culture of doing Real. Life. Together. through living out our three values...EVERYONE BELONGS. JESUS CHANGES EVERYTHING. WE GAIN BY LOSING. Go online to and check out our website; it answers a ton of questions like who we are, what we do and how we do it!

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