General Information

Job Title:

Worship & Next Gen Leader

Job Description:

Responsibilities related to Next Gen (20-25 hrs.): 

Be directly involved in Middle School, High School and College by: 

  • Coordinating and promoting Bible study, discipleship training, outreach, missions,
  • recreation, music, etc., for the Next Gen program.
  • Leading and working together with the Next Gen leadership team in planning and directing activities, including youth camp, mission trips, retreats, weekday Bible study, seminars, Passion Conference, etc.
  • Enlisting and training leadership in the Next Gen program.
  • Advising in the use of program materials for grades 7‐12.
  • Developing a systematic program of outreach for students.
  • Partnering with parents in the discipleship of students. Promoting parental involvement in ministry with students.
  • Praying regularly for the Next Gen leadership team and students.

Responsibilities related to WORSHIP (10-15 hrs.): 

Be directly involved in the music ministry by:

  • Lead worship service on Sundays.
  • Be a resource for the church.
  • Serve as Chairman of the Music Committee.
  • Plan worship services with Elders and prepare congregational music for all church activities requiring music.
  • Recruit, audition, develop and schedule a weekly team that makes the best use of WSF’s musical talent.
  • Supervise the work of the praise team. This includes weekly practices and rehearsals so that team members are prepared and ready to lead in worship through song for Sunday morning.
  • Administer and coordinate a program of Christian music education from children through adults as needed.
  • Responsible for maintenance of musical instruments owned by the church.
  • Lead the IT and AV team in all respects concerning praise and worship.
  • Be available to attend appropriate committee meetings.
  • Coordinate with church administrative assistant regarding the church calendar, bulletin, order of service, announcements, etc.

Additional Expectations and Pastoral Duties (5 hrs.): 

Walk with the Lord.

  • Spend time in study for personal spiritual growth.
  • Maintain God ordained priorities in your life by putting Jesus Christ first, your spouse second, your children third and the ministry fourth.
  • Attend conferences, workshops and seminars for spiritual and professional growth and development.
  • Participate in and serve as a member of the church.
  • Contribute to additional ministries where gifts, interests, and church needs coincide, as determined with the senior pastor (examples: preaching, teaching, outreach, etc…).

Plug into the Church.

Manage the ministry budgets.

  • Responsible for developing and administering annual budgets for the Music and Next Gen ministries.
  • Perform other pastoral and associate duties as needed and directed by the elders.

Be a team player.

Position Qualifications:

Application Deadline


Job Type:

Full Time

Salary Range:


General Information

Church/Organization Name

WaterStone Fellowship- Oviedo

Contact Name & Contact Info

(407) 971-2422





City, State

Oviedo, FL

Description of Organization

WaterStone Fellowship, Oviedo is a non-denominational church that desire to lead and equip people to live out all of our lives centered on the Gospel. As a church we are committed to preach God's Word and to speak of the eternal hope that is only found in Jesus Christ. Our desire is to make much of Jesus in all that we do for His glory alone.

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