General Information

Job Title:

Worship Leader/Music Pastor

Job Description:


The worship leader will organize meaningful worship services and oversee the church’s music ministries in addition to ministering to those involved in the worship ministry.

Ministry Area/Department: General/pastoral
Position: Worship Leader
Accountable To: Pastor
Ministry Target: Church
Position Is: Paid staff
Position May Be Filled By: Church member
Length of Service Commitment: Two years minimum


  • Doing ministry/preparing for ministry: ten hours a week
  • Participating in meetings/training: one hour a week


  1. Plan meaningful worship services in conjunction with the pastor.
  2. Lead the church’s worship services, including congregational singing.
  3. Oversee and direct the church’s adult music ministry (includes conducting rehearsals).
  4. Choose musical selections.
  5. Arrange, select and direct special singing or instrumental groups and soloists.
  6. Plan and direct at least one special musical a year.
  7. Oversee & recruit assistant directors to lead the youth & children’s music groups.
  8. Insure proper maintenance of musical instruments.
  9. Organize and store sheet music and books for church choirs & musical groups.
  10. Work with drama director to incorporate skits and drama into worship services and special productions.
  11. Make sure platform/sanctuary is properly arranged for services and special productions.
  12. Pray for, uplift and minister to those who are involved in the worship ministry.

Position Qualifications:

Minimum Maturity Level: Stable, mature Christian

Spiritual Gifts: Exhortation

Talents or Abilities Desired:

  • Experience and/or education in the music field
  • Able to lead and promote unity within a group

Best Personality Traits:

  • Outgoing
  • Energetic
  • Expresser

Passion For: Glorifying God and edifying the saints through music and worship

Application Deadline


Job Type:

Part Time

Salary Range:


General Information

Church/Organization Name

Truitt Baptist Church

Contact Name & Contact Info

(601) 597-8419




Southern Baptist Convention (SBC)

City, State

Pearl, MS

Description of Organization

Truitt Baptist Church is a church revitalization in Pearl, MS.  Once one of the largest churches in Pearl, Truitt is a growing body of believers committed to helping people KNOW Jesus, to encouraging the saints to GROW in faith, and challenging disciples to GO for God's glory and our joy.

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