General Information

Job Title:

Worship Leader

Job Description:

The Minister of Worship and Communication is to lead, promote, develop, expand, and mature the worship life and communication of the church.  The Minister of Worship and Communication is under the authority of the church elders and is responsible to work as a team member with all other church staff members in Christian love and servanthood.

Position Qualifications:

  • In dialog with the preaching pastor, plan all regular Sunday worship services according to sound Biblical and logical principles of worship planning – services that are theological, thematic, intellectually coherent, emotionally appropriate, balanced, which allow for a full range of appropriate responses to God.
  • Provide leadership for all regular Sunday worship services. Establish clear communication systems with worship and tech teams, including preparation, instructions, and strategies for effective rehearsals.
  • Develop and expand the congregational repertoire for worship to provide for a comprehensive expression of the Christian faith.  Examine all music for doctrinal fidelity.
  • Enrich the congregation’s understanding and participation of worship through the “Foundations” class, prepare worship guides for personal and family worship for special occassions, and other media deemed appropriate.
  • Train and equip those involved in the worship ministry for leadership in worship. 
  • Provide leadership and training for the worship internship program (as needed).
  • Prepare and submit budget requests as related to your ministry.
  • Provide leadership over the various audio/video needs of the church. Maintain church instruments and audio/video equipment. Make recommendations to meet audio/visual needs.
  • Oversee the development and maintenance of the church’s website.
  • Provide leadership to the general communication efforts of GCC, seeking to streamline communication efforts and quality.
  • Oversee the selection and use of music in evangelistic offerings such as VBS.
  • Keep informed of current methods, materials, music, and trends in worship.
  • Provide leadership and training for the resource center (bookstore) as needed.
  • Other duties assigned by the church elders.

Application Deadline

Job Type:

Full Time

Salary Range:


General Information

Church/Organization Name

Grace Community Church

Contact Name & Contact Info

(254) 897-3320




Southern Baptist Convention (SBC)

City, State

Glen Rose, TX

Description of Organization

Grace Community is a healthy, reformed, Southern Baptist elder led congregation of about 250. Our purpose statement: "Equipping God's people to delight in His glory and declare that glory to the nations."

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