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Worship Director

Job Description:

Worship Director

Position Description


Overall purpose: The Worship Director is responsible to oversee all the planning, implementation, and evaluation of public worship services at Immanuel CRC.


Worship Leadership

  • Will cultivate and uphold Immanuel’s vision for worship.
  • Will serve as a member of the worship committee working with them to plan, implement and evaluate worship.
  • Will lead each service of worship, either through direct leadership or by guiding the work of those who do lead.
  • Will oversee the work of all worship leaders: organists, accompanists, vocalists, readers, prayer leaders, choir directors, technicians, projectionists, and the like.


Worship Planning

  • Will work with the Lead Pastor to develop plans for worship, including seasonal and special worship occasions.
  • Will plan the liturgy of each service of worship, utilizing the gifts of others as able, so that content and flow serve and enhance the theme of the service.
  • Will explore new resources for worship through reading, research, conference attendance, taking classes and other means that become available.
  • Will oversee the scheduling of musicians, Praise Team leaders, sound persons, and projectionists. 


Worship Implementation 

  • Will use a variety of art forms, with particular focus on music ministry.
  • Will discover, recruit, equip and utilize the gifts of worship leaders, teams, accompanists, and others (e.g., choir director, readers, prayer leaders) to participate in worship with meaning and competence.
  • Will insure the preparation of projection scripts (via MediaShout) for each service.
  • Will communicate and coordinate the efforts of all participants in worship, including guest pastors. 


Typical Week: 

    • 18-20 hours: Preparation, including meeting with pastor, planning team, (and choir director, tech team, accompanists as needed) rehearsal preparation, rehearsal, personal practice, and personal prayer/devotion.
    • 12-15 hours: Other Ministry/Administration: including staff meetings, bulletin/website/Facebook information, communication with all participants, securing and scheduling volunteers, creation of Media Shout scripts for projection, music preparation, emails/phone calls, organization/filing of music, music at youth, GEMS, cadets, Sunday School (where needed), continuing education, pastoral ministry


  • 5 hours: Sunday, including final preparations, worship leading, post-worship responsibilities 


In addition there are seasonal high demand times: Thanksgiving, Advent/Christmas, Lent/Easter, Pentecost, combined services

Position Qualifications:


  • A Christian who exhibits a passion and love for Christ and worship and displays a heart for people.  He/she will demonstrate appropriate spiritual character qualities, gifts, and skills.
  • A person familiar with and committed to upholding Reformed teachings and the doctrinal standards of the Christian Reformed Church, including Reformed worship practices.  As well, is fully committed to the vision of Immanuel CRC.
  • Demonstrates sensitivity to differing styles of music and worship and has an ability to work with these various styles in God-glorifying, member edifying and seeker sensitive manner that complements other forms of art such as drama, liturgical dance, and other creative expressions.
  • Displays leadership qualities, such as strength of character, loyalty, empathy, genuineness, humility, and an ability to work with, encourage and guide a variety of types of people.
  • Either holds a Bachelor’s degree and/or has experience in Worship & Music leadership.  Ordination is an option but not mandatory.
  • Has musicianship abilities which ideally include keyboarding, guitar (proficient in at least one) and vocal ability and is able to work with a worship team. 
  • Is expected to become a member of Immanuel CRC.

Application Deadline


Job Type:

Full Time

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General Information

Church/Organization Name

Immanuel Christian Reformed Church

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(209) 599-6163




Christian Reformed Church (CRC)

City, State

Ripon, CA

Description of Organization

Immanuel is a mid-sized congregation location in the Central Valley of California.  We are a multi-generational congregation that seeks to do ministry together.  We have a strong caring and serving ethos in our church body.  Our worship is convergent or "blended" in style.

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