General Information

Job Title:

Westside Kids Director

Job Description:

  • Meet regularly with the Family Ministry Pastor for:
    • prayer, encouragement, mentoring, accountability, feedback, communication, and equipping in the Family Ministry vision, mission, policies, and procedures.
    • collaborating with other Family Ministry staff to develop a cohesive discipleship plan from infancy through 12th grade, including a commitment to help foster a positive team culture among fellow staff members.
    • creating, updating, and publishing a 12-to-18-month ministry calendar.
  • Work with the Family Ministry Pastor to develop and lead the Westside Kids Ministry Team (paid and volunteer):
    • Recruit, train, and manage Westside Kids paid staff.
    • Provide regular opportunities for team prayer, exchange of ideas, mutual encouragement, and regular staff development.
    • Promoting Westside Kids, recruiting and directing volunteers from within the church membership, and then developing these adults.
  • Administrative, including:
    • Directing and supervising all Westside Kids ministry needs (Sundays, midweek, church-wide events, special events, VBS, etc.).
    • Planning, implementing, and evaluating programs and events.
    • Delegating tasks, where appropriate, and maintaining volunteer accountability.
    • Organizing regular teaching schedules.
    • Westside Kids ministry budget oversight in consultation with the Family Ministry Pastor – including directing the purchase and preparation of all ministry equipment and supplies.
    • Ensure equipment cleaning and replacement is maintained.
    • Fully implement AWPC’s Safe Church policy, including Ministry Safe with all staff and volunteers.
    • Oversite for Westside Kids social media pages.
    • Ensure timely communication to parents and leaders about upcoming events and needs.

Position Qualifications:

  • Specialized training and competencies in children’s ministry
  • A strong call from God to a church-based ministry to children, with an ability to:
    • shepherd adults to disciple children to mature into Christ-changed, hope-filled, productive adults.
    • develop and maintain doctrinally sound programs in a welcoming, child-friendly, and safe environment, providing relevant and clear Biblical teaching, being able to articulate a relationship with Christ to children.
    • understand the physical, social, moral, and spiritual development of children to share the Christian faith with both churched and un-churched children.
    • create an ethos in which children are learning to love across differences and work toward breaking down barriers of race, class, and culture.
  • A commitment to the Church and to the Reformed faith as summarized in the Westminster Confession of Faith, including:
    • Agreement with Westside’s core values and philosophy of ministry.
    • Church membership
    • Deep conviction of the primacy and authority of God’s Word in faith and life.
    • Convinced of and demonstrates the absolute necessity of an abiding, intimate walk with Jesus that is anchored in the grace of God.
  • A Christlikeness that loves and includes all the diverse parts of the body of Christ, and models servant leadership with a positive attitude.
    • Is respected by peers who give accountability and provide stimulation for personal growth and ministry.
    • Being above reproach; has a teachable spirit; willing to submit to leadership; transparent, vulnerable, and accountable in all relationships.
  • A commitment to excellence, demonstrated by self-motivated preparation, organization, punctuality, creativity, and solid time management skills.

Application Deadline


Job Type:

Full Time

Salary Range:


General Information

Church/Organization Name

Atlanta Westside Presbyterian Church

Contact Name & Contact Info

(404) 567-5428




Presbyterian Church in America (PCA)

City, State

Atlanta, GA

Description of Organization

Westside is a 16-year-old church with 700 members located in the westside of Atlanta. Our purpose is to embody and preview the Kingdom of God from Buckhead to Bankhead.  Our Core Values are:

  1. Prize the Heart: Jesus changes us from the inside out, so we seek heart change that leads to life change.
  2. Embody Grace: The way we live together in community is a critical part of how we communicate and experience the Gospel.
  3. Aim for Restoration: We work to break down every barrier that divides people, especially along the lines of race, class and culture.
  4. Cultivate Place: As much as possible, we strive to live, work, play and serve our neighbors on the Westside of Atlanta.
  5. Embrace Limitations: God gives us limits for our good, so we don’t try to do more than he has equipped us for, as individuals and as a church.
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