General Information

Job Title:

Upper School Curriculum Developer

Job Description:

  • Assist Executive Director in setting the Christian, academic, and classical goals and priorities for the Rafiki School Curriculum Pre-K-12   Determine course list.
  • Write Rafiki School Curriculum and Teachers college curriculum as needed.
  • Work with Director of Communications in curricular production process
  • Maintain files of the entire Rafiki School Curriculum
  • Acquire classically equipped writers matched to appropriate subjects.
  • Maintain contact with writers to encourage, motivate, and focus their projects, praying regularly for work and personal needs as made known.
  • Facilitate and collaborate with authors on content, cultural relativity, clear classical methods, and teacher-friendly instructions to inspire and inform the teachers in preparation for passing the content on to students.
  • General edit for content and worldview accuracy, quality composition, clearly labeled lesson components, and well-organized methods.
  • Follow-up with proofer and apply appropriate corrections, refining document for final publishing.
  • Receive and file new lessons, request payment, and maintain accurate records of payments made and percentage of contracted work completed.
  • Assist headmasters with specific curricular problem areas PP1-GL12.
  • Confer with School Director re: specific school, teacher-training, and curricular issues.
  • Note, received, record and execute correction of errors and current documents as identified from the field.
  • Update and enlarge course offerings in the process of maintaining a robust, vigorous Christian and classical curriculum that fits Rafiki’s goals
  • Gather, verify, purchase, store licensing and permissions for text, artwork, and music tracks used in RSC that cannot be found in public domain.
  • Mentor homeschool families and new schools using Rafiki School Curriculum in U.S.
  • Prepare and participate in the staff Bible study

Position Qualifications:

  • A follower of Christ whose life exhibits the good works and fruit of the Spirit which accompany salvation
  • Agreement with Rafiki’s Statement of Faith
  • Biblical worldview via lens of Reformed Theology
  • At least a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree in a particular discipline
  • Commitment to CCE as best choice for educating the children of the church
  • 10+ years teaching experience in classical Christian school
  • Able to engage regularly, personally, and through on-line or conference platforms with leaders and ideas of the growing CCE movement
  • Keep up with CCE trends and keep Rafiki on course for classical liberal arts curricula
  • General experience in maths, sciences, and humanities
  • Open to pursuing continuing education
  • Experience with both the instructional and administrative sides of classical Christian schools
  • Strong work ethic and equally willing to trust God for the outcome
  • Mentor/discipleship view of teacher-student relationships
  • Familiar with CCE from parent perspective
  • Someone with publishing experience would be a plus

Application Deadline

Job Type:

Full Time

Salary Range:


General Information

Church/Organization Name

The Rafiki Foundation

Contact Name & Contact Info

(352) 483-9976




Not Applicable

City, State

Eustis, FL

Description of Organization

The Rafiki Foundation’s mission is to help people know God and raise their standard of living.  One of the ways Rafiki accomplishes this is by providing excellent classical Christian school curriculum Rafiki schools and church partner schools in 10 African countries, primarily serving impoverished and at-risk children and youth.
Rafiki school curriculum is also in the process of being modified for use in classical Christian schools in the United States and other countries.
Rafiki partners with 23 church denominations across 10 African countries.  These churches have thousands of schools which are mostly Christian in name only. Rafiki’s vision is to equip these church partners with the resources, including curriculum, to make these schools truly Christian and classical, helping to raise the standard of education across Africa, and provide the godly well-educated future leaders that Africa needs.

The role of Curriculum Developer is key to bringing this vision about.

This is a salaried position with benefits at the Rafiki Home Office in Eustis Florida. This position can be either full time or part time.

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