General Information

Job Title:

Upper School Bible Instructor and Advisor

Job Description:

Ministry Purpose: In accordance with Ephesians 4:11-12 and Philippians 2:4 and as a key member of Geneva School’s faculty, the Upper School Bible Instructor and Advisor is responsible for servant leadership of the School and in assisting the Head of Upper School in carrying out the School’s mission.

Primary Responsibilities:

Reporting directly to the Head of Upper School, the Upper School Bible Instructor and Advisor will instruct Upper School (Sixth-Twelfth Grade) students in Bible classes. Of equal importance, the role will provide advisory and spiritual nurture to our Upper School students.

Missional: The Instructor/Advisor shall:

  • Seek to be a role model in attitude, speech, and actions in a consistent daily walk with Jesus Christ
  • Embody a special heart for young teens through demonstrable empathy and energy for middle and high school age students
  • Show by example the importance of Scripture memorization, Bible study, prayer, witnessing, and Christian fellowship
  • Be prepared to explain the School’s statement of faith and mission to visitors, donors, and others

Professional: The role of the Upper School Bible Instructor and Advisor includes the following primary objectives and goals:

Bible Teaching

  • Assist in developing class syllabi and course instruction for all Upper School Bible courses
  • Demonstrate agility for teaching students of various ages, Sixth through Twelfth Grades, as the Upper School launches Ninth Grade in 2021 and adds one grade each year through Twelfth Grade
  • Open to teaching other related courses if necessary


  • Serves as mentor and advisor to Upper School students in wide-ranging areas of need: mental health concerns, spiritual nurture, godly counsel, life coaching,
  • Creates the role and office hours necessary to meet the needs of current and future students

Position Qualifications:


  • Possesses a background, either professionally or academically, in Bible teaching and theology (M.A. or Div preferred)
  • Possesses a unique call and commitment to young teenagers and is able to gain their trust and respect
  • Agile in creating new role of Advisor to Upper School students, a position that will grow as the School expands to Twelfth Grade
  • Accepts and is committed to Geneva School’s Statement of Faith and Portrait of Geneva Faculty and Staff (included) without reservation
  • Serves Christ under the authority of a local Christian church whose beliefs and teachings are in fundamental agreement with Geneva
  • Complies with all applicable policies of Geneva School and with all administrative


The Geneva School of Manhattan faculty member exhibits integrity, leadership, and a passion for learning. He/she embraces the mission of the School, is a cultivator of knowledge, continues to grow in understanding of classical education, and is committed to lifelong excellence in and out of the classroom. As a professional, he/she seeks to uphold high academic standards and clearly communicates expectations to parents and students. A Geneva School faculty member encourages students to measure all knowledge against the standard of God’s revealed truth in Scripture.

In accordance with Ephesians 4:11-12 and Titus 2:7-8, the teacher is responsible for training the next generation of Christian leaders and equipping them for a life of service to God, their homes, churches, vocations, and communities. A Geneva School teacher:

  • Has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and models a love for God through obedience to his Word;
  • Seeks to be a role model in attitude, speech, and actions of a consistent daily walk with Jesus Christ;
  • Is committed to furthering the School’s mission and philosophy of faith-based, classical, Christian education;
  • Agrees to uphold the School’s statement of faith;
  • Demonstrates personal learning agility and a pursuit of peace in all endeavors;
  • Maintains a lifestyle based on biblical standards of conduct where Christ “might have the supremacy” (Colossians 1:18, Matthew 15:18- 20, 1 Corinthians 6:9-10);
  • Integrates biblical principles and a Christian worldview into all curricula and teaching;
  • Follows biblical conflict resolution principles in addressing issues with students, parents, staff, and administration; and
  • Submits to the standards outlined in the Employee

Inquiries, applications, and resumés may be sent to Rim Hinckley, Head of School,

Application Deadline

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Full Time

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General Information

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Geneva School

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City, State

New York, NY

Description of Organization

Located in the heart of New York City, The Geneva School of Manhattan is a Preschool-to-Eighth Grade coeducational school offering a classical, Christian education since 1996.
Since its beginning, the School has provided a rich and rigorous curriculum within the framework of Christian beliefs. The combination of a classical and Christian education blends the enduring elements of classical learning with the eternal message of Scripture.
Our Mission
The Geneva School of Manhattan exists to provide a time-proven classical education within a biblical worldview. We inspire students to love learning, pursue excellence, and become leaders in scholarship, virtue, and faith.
Our Goals

  • To instill a lifetime love of learning
  • To engage the mind and nourish the spirit
  • To nurture Christ-centered faith and character
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