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Job Title:

Student & Young Adult Minister

Job Description:

Job Description

Job Title

Student & Young Adult Minister


● Provide for biblical instruction to the students (7th-12th) on Sundays.
● Create opportunities to encourage Bethesda’s Vision in the lives of our Young Adults (aged 18 to 22ish)
● Gather with the students for encouragement on Wednesdays using a variety of approaches.
● Invest in the students and parents by attending extra-curricular and social functions (sporting events, plays , etc.).
● Establish and build discipleship relationships with the students and young adults through formal and informal means.
● Encourage gospel mission among the students, parents and young adults.
● Connect with parents of students for mutual encouragement.
● Develop, lead and administrate existing and new activities for youth (camps, activities, mission trips, etc.).
● Meet with the pastors for mentoring and training.
● Continue to develop and manage the student and young adult ministry teams.
● Minister to the congregation when scheduled (worship preparation, teach, preach, etc.).
● Coordinate with the children’s ministry leader
● Consult with the pastors as they prepare the annual budget for student and young adult related ministries and manage that budget once approved.
● Establish regular office hours in consultation with the pastors

The Student and Young Adult Minister will spend minimally forty-five hours each week in the fulfillment of his responsibilities. Although vocational ministry duties and emphases vary from week to week, a guideline for planning and assessing those hours is in place to encourage good time management: ⅓ word & prayer (personal, lesson prep); ⅓ administration (activities, trips, camps, prep work); ⅓ relationships (being with students, parents, and young adults).


● The Student and Young Adult Minister is overseen by the pastors.
● He will provide servant-leadership to those working alongside of him for the benefit of those under his care, and the church as a whole.
● He will be careful to remember that he assists, rather than takes the place of parents in the lives of the students and will strive to get to know them to learn how to better serve the students and encourage the parents in their roles.
He will integrate himself into the life of the church exercising his gifts in areas outside of the Student and Young Adult Ministries as a responsible member of the Body of Christ.
● He will not neglect his relationship with his wife but will strive to be an example of the servant-leader following the example of Christ.

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Full Time

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General Information

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Bethesda Baptist Church

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(313) 383-8900




Baptist - Other

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Allen Park, MI

Description of Organization

Bethesda has been part of a neighborhood in Allen Park, a suburb just south of Detroit since 1966. We are a multigenerational congregation of about 150 adults who encourage each other to glorify God and enjoy him. We do so by loving God in worship, loving each other in community and loving our neighbors in mission. These major commitments are what we practice to live out our faith in Jesus Christ depending on the Spirit for power, unity and creativity.

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