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1. To preach the Word. To coordinate with other Pastor(s), visiting or guest preachers, or for the purposes of filling in the pulpit when away (holidays, home leave, conference, etc).

The Pastor is a Teaching Elder. To work as a team together with other Pastor(s), Elders or guest speakers in Adult Christian Education on topics that Session may have in mind.

2. To take the lead in pastoral care, in particular the visitation of individual homes and home fellowships, or when there are births, illness or grief, with counselling and prayers, as the case may be. Listen & offer compassion to those in crisis or need. Offer encouragement to those in need.

3. To work together with other Pastor(s) in St Andrew’s Prayer ministry.

4. To work with the Worship Committee to ensure that all our services run smoothly. To be open to different styles of worship and to equally support both traditional and contemporary ways of worshiping. To plan with the Worship Committee for special services, e.g. Christmas, Easter, weddings, baptisms, funerals, etc. To administer the Sacraments. At the operational level, the Worship Committee is in charge of all our services. Session is the ultimate body in charge of Worship.

5. To work with, support and uphold St Andrew’s system of governance. The Pastor reports to the Session and does not have a vote. he is however expected to bring upon and share his experience and to advise the Session so that the decisions made are based on sound biblical principles.

6. To be an example of a team player. To know when and how to delegate, encouraging and inspiring the individuals in the Congregation to fulfil God’s call on them and to serve Him using their very own sets of skills, gifts and talents that God has given them.

7. The Pastor is expected to attend the Session, Deacons Court, Worship Committee, Christian Education Committee and Mission & Outreach Committee meetings & to support all programs and activities, including the assimilation of newcomers into the life of the Congregation.

8. To demonstrate professional competence, character, integrity, moral purity and Christ-likeness.

9. To work, and inspire others as well, towards the goals and directions as set out in our Vision & Mission statement. To shepherd the flock and the community that St Andrew’s is in.

Position Qualifications:

1. Strong sense of God’s calling.
2. Ordained in a reformed tradition, preferably Presbyterian.
3. Fluent in English.
4. Spiritual and pastoral leadership qualities required is that the pastor has a close personal relationship with God and prioritizes guiding the congregation towards the same goal.
5. The pastor is a minister of The Word and a spiritual guide who will provide challenging opportunities for the congregation to grow in faith and actively involved in helping us to live out our faith in our everyday lives.
6. A leader with strength in delivering biblically based sermons & expository preaching.
7. Skills to lead a multi-cultural & international congregation.
8. The pastor must have strong verbal and written communication skills and be a team player with the ability to build bridges between groups with diverging views with an emphasis on inclusiveness.
9. An energetic team worker and able to demonstrate initiative and resilience.
10. A minimum of 7 year’s experience as a full-time Pastor.

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31st January 2018

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Full Time

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St Andrews Presbyterian Church, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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International Church of Kuala Lumpur

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