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Job Title:

Solo Pastor: Bi-vocational

Job Description:

Harvest Church seeks a pastor to love us, lead us, teach us and help us know God through the preaching of His Word. A pastor with a heart for revitalization will find Harvest tailor-made for him. This position is for a bi-vocational pastor, as we can only offer a part-time salary. We trust that God will grow Harvest. We will work side-by-side with the pastor to to just that and to work toward the necessary financial capability to pay a full-time salary.  This position’s ministry compensation package totals $40,000.

Position Qualifications:

Pastoral ministry strengths or experiences desired are preaching, teaching, evangelism, discipleship, worship leadership and leadership training. Congregational priorities for the pastor are worship leadership, proclamation of the Word, spiritual development of members, congregational fellowship, discipleship training, and teaching responsibility.  Pastors wishing to be considered must submit their Ministry Data Form (MDF) electronically to Alternatively, they may mail the MDF to Harvest Church at the stated address, marked “Attention: Pulpit Committee Chair,” and “To Be Opened By Addressee Only.” If a pastor has not completed an MDF, they may contact Karen Cook at for details on how to prepare it. All MDF’s must be received by the application deadline.

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Part Time

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General Information

Church/Organization Name

Harvest Church

Contact Name & Contact Info

(913) 709-1822




Presbyterian Church in America (PCA)

City, State

Lincolnton, NC

Description of Organization

Harvest Church is the sole evangelical Presbyterian church in Lincolnton, NC and the only reformed Presbyterian church in Lincoln County.  Formally organized in 1998, four pastors have served Harvest, of which the last three served relatively short times.  One left because of incarceration, one to serve full-time in a sister denomination, and in November last year, our last pastor did suddenly from a heart attack after serving here less than a year.  Through all these challenges, Harvest's congregation, though small, has remained unified, committed and hopeful.

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