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Senior Pastor

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North Greenville Church is searching for a full-time Senior Pastor to replace our retiring Pastor.  NGC is looking for a humble man of Christian faith, called by God to shepherd the flock, administer the sacraments, and faithfully preach the whole counsel of Scripture, holding to Covenant theology and the Reformed tradition.

Please email for full Pastor and Church Profile.

Search Committee Chair:  Bayne Brown  (864) 380-6460                                                                        Inquiries or Resume Submittals to Committee Secretary Jenny Epps:

Position Qualifications:

The Pastor called to lead the congregants of North Greenville Church shall be a humble man of Christian faith, who adheres to the tenets of the Westminster Confession, who has the commensurate Reformed educational training, and has been ordained or examined and approved for ordination.

  • Practice Biblical style leadership as called for in the elder qualifications of 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1. A man who humbly seeks the Lord in His Word, in prayer, and in daily spiritual disciplines.  Leads by godly example to equip each member for Christian living.
  • Seminary graduate with some years of pastoral experience and leadership; other marketplace work experience is welcome.
  • Acknowledge the Bible as God’s holy and inerrant written Word, and embrace Reformed theology, doctrines, and confessions. Hold to Westminster Confession (state any exceptions with clarity).
  • Be a man of strong faith approximately 45-55 years of age.
  • Able to effectively proclaim the Word and preach the whole counsel of God. Preach in an expositional manner, using Scripture to interpret Scripture, applying for daily godly living, glorifying God.
  • Involve his family in the church as led by the Spirit.
  • Strive to build relationships with all members of the congregation and lead them in growing in Scripture knowledge and Covenant theology.
  • Encourage members through home and hospital visitation as needed.
  • Expand the church’s membership, though not at the expense of orthodoxy.
  • Work with the Session to keep the vision and peace of NGC rooted in theologically sound counsel.
  • Seek to keep NGC pure in its reverence to God, promote peace, exercise discipline where needed, administer the Sacraments, and grow and shepherd the flock of NGC with love, empathy, grace, and mercy.

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Full Time

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General Information

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North Greenville Church

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(864) 380-6460




Presbyterian - Other

City, State

Travelers Rest, SC

Description of Organization

North Greenville Church is a small Reformed and Presbyterian fellowship consisting of members committed to the worship and glorification of God in a traditional worship style. NGC embraces traditional, reverent Christ-centered worship with its teachings and exhortations from the Word, as God’s written and divine revelation to His believers.  The church’s purpose is to glorify God, to know Him, and to help make Him known.  To this end, we dedicate ourselves:

  1. To live for God, worshipping Him alone with all our heart, mind, and strength;
  2. To live for each other, building up one another in love;
  3. To live for the salvation of His people, used by God to bring others to faith in Jesus;
  4. To live in the world for Christ’s sake, representing Him in service and joyful giving.

NGC continues to develop a Reformed church presence in the northern part of Greenville County which consists of rural and suburban areas.  The church’s worship style is one of a warm and inviting nature that is focused on God and not man or entertainment.  Knowing that music is an expression of worship, NGC uses traditional hymns, with a desire to develop this using only Scripturally sound and reflective music, including special music and choir.

NGC seeks to develop a community of love in which everyone is welcome, valued, and treated with respect by caring and praying for each other, and assisting each other as Christ’s example to all His followers.  In addition, the church is community-minded with locally supported missions, as well as a global mission project.



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