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Senior Pastor

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Christ Presbyterian Church is a small, closely knit, diverse congregation.  We are seeking a pastor who will thrive as a teaching elder and shepherd of the existing flock and will embrace the challenges of helping us grow spiritually and numerically.

The ideal pastoral candidate should have a sound Biblical foundation and education, firmly rooted in Reformed theology and believing in the inerrancy of scripture. He should be an effective, engaging speaker, preacher and teacher with a warm, inviting personality that helps foster close relationships with congregants. He should be comfortable reaching out to visitors of all types and ages.

The pastor should be able to plan and lead traditional worship services with organ music and singing of hymns. Since the focus of Reformed worship is on the faithful proclamation of the Word of God, the pastor should be able to preach exegetical sermons grounded in the redemptive-historical tradition.

The desired pastor should be comfortable working with and supporting CPC’s session, diaconate, committees and programs.  He should be able to delegate and share responsibilities with church officers, leaders, and members as appropriate in the guiding and administration of the church.  He should be equipped to offer new and dynamic ideas for expanding our community outreach and efforts to grow our membership by adding new families.

He should have experience counseling those in crisis and the bereaved.  He should be compassionate and comfortable visiting hospitalized members, the home-bound and nursing home/assisted living residents. The pastor should enjoy participating in fellowship meals and other church wide events.

We recognize that no one man excels in all of the above-listed areas.  A well-rounded pastor who can grow in his role and work with an enthusiastic congregation to move Christ Presbyterian Church forward according to God’s leading will be favorably considered.

Position Qualifications:

A servant of our Lord, Jesus Christ, desiring a small flock to shepherd, nourish and grow.

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Full Time

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Christ Presbyterian Church

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Christ Presbyterian Church

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