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Research & Proposal Development Coordinator

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One of the primary digital marketing tactics we provide for clients is called “geofencing”. The Research & Proposal Developement Coordinator would be responsible for researching and catologing targets for sales proposals and digital marketing campaigns. For example, using Google Maps to identify all assisted living facilities in Dallas, Texas and entering the name and address in a spreadsheet. Next, using a simple online geofence tool to locate and plot – or “draw” – virtual geofences around those targets. We also would like help running basic Google AdWords keyword forcasting research for sales proposals. All of these tasks are fairly basic and no previous experience with these tools is neccessary. Understanding basic marketing and advertising principles will be helpful in understanding the “why” behind the tasks, but this can also be fairly easily trained.

Position Qualifications:

Experience or an interest in online advertising is a plus but not neccessary. The right candidate will enjoy doing research in a self-directed capacity. Attention to detail is very important. Organization and time management skills are key to this positions success. This is a salaried position, but the work will come on a project by project basis. Some weeks there will be little work, some weeks it may seem like there are a lot of projects. Canopy will provide a MacBook Pro and extra displays for the candidates home office. We prefer someone local to Charlotte, North Carolina so they can attend one weekly meeting with the Canopy team each Wednesday afternoon. There are no set hours, vacation policy or other restraints on when and how the role is performed. We believe in a “Results Only Work Environment”, accountability will be to the Account Managers and helping them complete thier projects on time rather than set hours. This job can be completed anywhere there is an internet connection. We do value culture and would like to find someone who is interested in joining our team rather than feeling like a contract worker. We are a quickly growing startup and if the candidate is interested, there are plenty of opportunities for career advancement as well. This would be the perfect role for someone who needs a self-directed, flexible schedule, would like to work from anywhere, but also wants to feel part of a team.

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Full Time

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Canopy Advertising

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(828) 231-7177


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Charlotte, NC

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Canopy Advertising located in Charlotte, North Carolina is a young, quickly growing digital advertising agency that serves advertising agencies and Marketing Directors with highly targeted digital advertsing technology solutions. The core of our client base are Marketing Directors in the senior living industry.

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