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Job Title:

Pastor of Preaching Ministry

Job Description:

Pastor of Preaching Ministry
Job Description

Christ Reformed Church, Anaheim, CA

(updated 2021-07-03)

Job Summary

United Reformed Churches of North American (URCNA) Church Order, Article 2 states that “The duties belonging to the office of minister of the Word consist of continuing in prayer and in the ministry of the Word, administering the sacraments, catechizing the youth, and assisting the elders in the shepherding and discipline of the congregation.”

The Minister of the Word at Christ Reformed Church should devote the majority of his time preparing for and teaching the Word. In order to effectively continue in this capacity, the Consistory at Christ Reformed Church recognizes the importance and need to devote concentrated time and energy to continuing education and study.

The position calls for an individual who takes his calling as a servant of Jesus Christ seriously, who is a man of prayer, who takes a genuine interest in the welfare of others, and who has a heart for the ministry.

Essential Functions

  • Worship and Preaching
  1. Plan the weekly Sunday morning worship service and prepare the weekly sermon.
  2. Lead the Sunday worship service, preach the sermon, and administer the sacraments.
  3. Prepare for and teach the Three Forms of Unity at the Sunday Catechism service.
  • Instruction
  1. Prepare for and teach the Wednesday evening Bible study.
  2. Teach new member’s classes as needed.
  • Pastoral Care
  1. Visit the sick and shut-ins as needed.
  2. Conduct weddings and funerals as needed.
  3. Offer pastoral and pre-marital counseling as needed.
  4. Conduct home visitation as needed.
  • Administrative
  1. Participate in monthly Council and Consistory meetings and occasional Executive Committee sessions.
  2. Direct activities of the administrative secretary, choral director, and organist.
  3. Coordinate with the Pastor of Congregational Care as needed.
  4. Prepare monthly report of pastoral activities to be presented at the monthly Council meeting.
  5. As needed, serve as minister delegate to classis and synod.

Position Qualifications:

Pastor of Preaching Ministry
Job Description
Christ Reformed Church, Anaheim, CA

(updated 2021-07-03)

Job Requirements

Education and Experience

1. Must be a graduate of an accredited four-year college and have an MDiv degree from a Reformed or Presbyterian seminary. An advanced degree (ThM, ThD, or PhD) in Biblical studies is highly desirable.

2. Must have several years of experience as an ordained minister and must have a good reputation in the Reformed church world.

3. Must heartily subscribe to the Three Forms of Unity of the URCNA.

4. Must be ordained in compliance with Articles 3-9 of the URCNA Church Order.


1. Must demonstrate ability to preach clear, engaging, God-honoring, Christ-centered exposition of the Scriptures with in-depth theological insights.

2. Must demonstrate ability to robustly teach historical Reformed theology (both systematically and biblically), comparing (and contrasting) Reformed theology to other theological perspectives.

3. Must have broad knowledge of the current cultural trends and how to apply Scripture and Reformed theology as a means of contrast.

4. Must demonstrate leadership skills and at the same time be comfortable in an elder-run church.

5. Must demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills and tact.

6. Must demonstrate effective oral and written communications skills.


1. Must demonstrate a clear testimony of faith and a passionate devotion to Christ and His church.

2. Must maintain a strong devotional life of worship, prayer, and personal study of God’s word resulting in deepening spirituality and relationship with Christ.

3. Must be a shepherd of God’s flock with a spirit of humility, compassion, wisdom, honesty, integrity, selflessness, and unity as a servant-leader, seeking to ever grow in the knowledge of Christ and how to care for His church.

4. Must appreciate the unique culture of Christ Reformed Church – a body of believers who come from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds and who thirst for strong theological preaching, teaching, and training

Other Information

1. This is a full time, exempt, salaried position, working weekends and other irregular hours.

2. Is under the oversight of the church Consistory for life and doctrine.

3. Reports to Staff Oversight Committee of the church Council for employment benefits and salary.

4. Meets at least once a year with the Staff Oversight Committee of the church Council to review job performance.

5. Salary increases are approved by the church Council (absent those employees currently serving on the Council).

6. Paid vacation time, sabbatical period, and sick leave are negotiable.

Application Deadline

Job Type:

Full Time

Salary Range:


General Information

Church/Organization Name

Christ Reformed Church (Anaheim, California)

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(714) 318-4977





City, State

Anaheim, CA

Description of Organization

Christ Reformed Church (Anaheim, California)

Church Profile (updated 2021-07-07)


The impetus for the start of Christ Reformed came about through the work of Michael
Horton and Kim Riddlebarger at Christians United for Reformation (CURE) and the “White
Horse Inn” radio program. There were many listeners who were excited about learning of
the doctrines of the Reformation which they were not hearing in their churches and were
becoming convinced of the biblical foundations for the doctrines of grace taught by the
reformers. Having struggled to find solid Reformed churches to refer listeners, Mike and
Kim were challenged by then-president of Westminster Seminary California, Dr. Robert
Strimple, that they “must feed God’s sheep.” Christ Reformed church was begun in the
1995 as a church plant of the Christian Reformed Church (CRC). Shortly after
particularization, Christ Reformed Church left the CRC to join the URCNA (United Reformed
Churches of North America), with which it is still affiliated

There were a few founding families from various Reformed backgrounds, but our founding
pastors and most of the early members were “refugees” from various evangelical and
Roman Catholic churches who were new to a Reformed understanding of God’s Word
expressed in the doctrines of grace, the creeds and confessions. Much of the early growth
was the result of the “White Horse Inn” radio program which was broadcast locally in the
Los Angeles area at the time and drew many visitors who subsequently joined. While we continue
to attract visitors and new members from various non-Reformed backgrounds as they hear
about and explore Reformed theology, our congregation has matured over the past 25
years. Many of the children who have grown up at Christ Reformed Church have made
profession of faith and joined the church.


Christ Reformed Church is diverse in various ways. Our membership reflects the ethnic mix
of Southern California, so it is not Dutch by ethnic nor cultural heritage. We have a mix of
young families (with and without children), singles of various ages, Gen-Xers, Boomers
(some with no children), and some older retirees. We are located in what might be called
the “West Coast Bible Belt” where there historically have been very large non-denominational and evangelical churches with well-known pastors (Calvary Chapel – Chuck
Smith; Saddleback Community Church – Rick Warren; First Evangelical Free Church – Chuck
Swindoll, etc.) as well as other non-Reformed expressions of the Christian faith, such as
Trinity Broadcasting Network, and a myriad of independent churches and para-church
organizations. As a result, we have many members and attendees who have a strong
commitment to Christianity but had little or no understanding of the Reformed doctrines of
grace or ecclesiology. Many if not most of our members were not raised in a Reformed or
Presbyterian church and Christ Reformed Church is where they first experienced these
glorious doctrines or joined themselves to a Reformed church.


Sunday School for all ages is at 9:00 a.m., followed by our worship service at 10:30.
Our morning worship service is conducted using a traditional reformed liturgy following
the pattern of “guilt, grace and gratitude” and is Christ-centered. We serve Communion
every Sunday, and request that visitors seek permission from the elders before coming to
the table. Elders are available before each service and we seek to meet all visitors to
welcome them and be available should they wish to take the Lord’s Supper.
Morning service is followed by a fellowship lunch at 12:15, immediately after which we
start our second service at 1:15pm. The focus or our second service is teaching through
the “Three Forms of Unity” and includes a time for questions and answers. We have found this
arrangement to be helpful as many of our members travel some distance to attend and
going home and then returning in the evening had been difficult for many.
Average attendance for our Sunday morning service is approximately 270, and average
attendance for our Sunday afternoon service is approximately 40-50.

Governance and Administration

We currently lease space in a Seventh Day Adventist facility which has worked out well
over the years. We have an office/bookstore and select areas for our exclusive use.
Otherwise, we share other areas of the facility. Currently, we have a dedicated office for
the Pastor of Congregational Care on site. We are in the third year of a 5-year option and
are seeking to negotiate a further extension.

Our current paid staff consists of a Pastor of Preaching Ministry, Pastor of Congregational
Care, full-time Church Administrator, a part-time Choir Director, and a part-time Organist.
There are also numerous volunteers who carry out various functions. Our Council consists
of nine elders and nine deacons serving rotating three-year terms, and the pastoral staff.
Deacons meet formally the first Monday evening of the month at 6:30, followed by the full
Council at 7:30. Consistory meets the second Monday evening of the month at 7:00.
Much of the work of both groups is carried out by various committees made up of Council
and lay members. These meet at other times as needed, and then the committee chairs
bring their recommendations to the monthly meetings for final discussion and vote; this minimizes the discussion time spent in Council and Consistory meetings.

Mid-week activities include Wednesday evening Bible study and GEMS, and Friday evening
class that is a continuation of the “Academy” which was started at the “White Horse Inn” in
the mid-90’s. This class is intended to be a “seminary for the layman” and goes in depth
on theological topics rather than a typical Bible study. It has been supplemented with
occasional authors’ forums (Dr. Dennis Johnson, Dr. Robert Godfrey, Dr. Michael Horton, Dr. Steve Baugh, Simonetta Carr, among others).

Missions Outreach

Christ Reformed Church has been involved in domestic and overseas missions almost from
our inception. We support the work of Rev. Bill Green in Costa Rica including the Tepeyac
Christian School and his publishing work with CLIR and have supported orphans’ and girls’
homes in Malawi, Africa through “Word and Deed”.

We have supported the work of Christian education at Westminster Seminary (Escondido,
CA), and Providence Christian College (Pasadena, CA) and have supported several
seminarians over the years.

We support several church plants including the Spanish Outreach in Ontario, California, the
work of Mihai Corcea in Bucharest, Romania, and the work in Italy with Rev. Michael Brown
and Rev. Andrea Ferrari. We are currently supporting the early stages of a Mandarin-speaking
church plant here at Christ Reformed Church. The group, led by Rev. Yi Wang, is meeting for worship in Mandarin concurrent with our English morning service.


Further information about Christ Reformed Church in Anaheim, CA can be found at our
website: The Pastoral Search Committee contact phone number is (714) 318-4977 (Ron Ornee; Chairman). You may also contact the Search Committee via email:

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