General Information

Job Title:

Pastor of Community Connections (PCC)

Job Description:


Cornerstone exists to follow Jesus Christ in His mission to make all things new.

As part of the Cornerstone team the PCC will contribute to a culture of Gospel transformation as we welcome and assimilate visitors, shepherd our current church family via groups, and create opportunities to connect/serve in our community. By God’s grace he will help lead Cornerstone of LWR to grow as a diverse community where skeptics explore Christianity, the religious learn repentance, the broken find refuge, sinners discover the joy of knowing Jesus and all are motivated by God’s love to serve.

The following areas of ministry are to be carried out in accordance with our vision, values, beliefs, and doctrinal standards.


  • To oversee Group-related ministry, ensuring that everyone who calls Cornerstone home has a place to connect with others and with Christ in a more meaningful way. The PCC will ensure that all related groups are faithful to the teaching, vision and theology of Cornerstone.
  • To design, coordinate, oversee, and execute the building of a Group ministry leadership team of Cornerstone Church.
  • To oversee the on-going recruiting, training, equipping, coaching, and resourcing of all Group leaders.
  • To ensure that all Group leaders and prospective leaders go through Cornerstone’s leadership training (currently led by Elders), and attend Cornerstone’s Group leader training seminar, with no exceptions.
  • To supervise, on behalf of Session, all materials used in Groups.
  • To take responsibility for all communication to the congregation regarding the vision of Group ministries via newsletter, calendar, video announcements, personal testimonies, public announcements and private/personal contacts, etc.


    • Identify and train two group ministry leaders in year one and four more in year two.
    • Ensure all (100%) of prospective leaders go through Cornerstone’s leadership training & group leader training seminar.
    • Review all materials used in groups prior to group being communicated to the congregation.
    • Inform the church about new group opportunities using three different communication methods at least six weeks prior to the group being opened.


  • To coordinate, oversee, and execute the assimilation process at Cornerstone.
  • To oversee new guest assimilation and to make sure that every guest is being welcomed into our midst at the Welcome Center before and after the worship service. This may include the utilization and/or creation of various platforms such a guest lunches, group visits, Discover Cornerstone (our new members class), or informal meetings.
  • To design, implement, and oversee “Pathways” and “Landing Spots” for everyone who calls Cornerstone home.
  • To design, implement, and oversee a spiritual gifts assessment for everyone who attends and serves at Cornerstone.
  • To work with the Executive Administrator (and other staff) to execute church wide events 2-3 times per year, bridging the gap between guests and Cornerstone attenders.


    • Cultivate a welcoming Sunday morning environment utilizing our current “Welcome” and “Ambassador” teams with the goal to greet and connect with 100% of those who attend Sunday morning worship.
    • Create and oversee an assimilation team in the first year with the goal of clearly defining “Pathways” and “Landing Spots” so that there is 100% involvement in a “Sunday Morning Ministry” and a “Non-Sunday Morning Ministry” for all who call Cornerstone home.
    • Create a gifts ministry assessment and tie individual results to church needs within the first year.
    • Create and execute 1 church-wide event your first year adding 1-2 more events in year two.


  • To design, coordinate, oversee, and execute the building of unique and varied ministry opportunities that bridge the gap between our church family and the LWR community at large.


    • Propose four unique ministry opportunities in the first twelve-eighteen months with the goal of bridging the gap between the church and the community.
    • Implement two unique ministry opportunities by the end of year two.
    • Implement a total of four unique ministry opportunities by the end of year three.


  • To assist with pastoral counseling and to shepherd individuals and families as needed.
  • To help with the preaching duties of the church, rotating with the Senior Pastor approximately 6-10 times per year.
  • To serve as part of the teaching team.
  • To share in the pastoral duties of weddings, counseling, and any other day-to-day pastoral duties that will be assigned as part of the pastoral staff.
  • To assist in worship service and other church related duties as needed.


  • Assist with Sunday preaching duties 6-10 times per year in coordination with the Senior Pastor.


The PCC reports directly to the Senior Pastor under the authority of the Session of Cornerstone Church. The PCC is to report all

HR/non-pastoral matters to the Executive Administrator.


This is a full-time position, averaging 45-50 hours per week. As a way to track time and efficiency, the PCC will log hours/tasks worked in T-Sheets. Benefits will be tracked in T-Sheets.

Position Qualifications:


  • Fulfills character qualification of an Elder as taught in Scripture (1 Tim. 3 & Titus 1)
  • Vibrant and maturing spiritual walk with Jesus Christ
  • Excellent knowledge of God’s Word and Reformed Theology
  • Skills in written and verbal communication
  • Ordained (or ordainable) in the PCA (Master’s Degree required).
  • Experience in implementation of a small group and leadership development program
  • Proven ability to lead self, family, and volunteers
  • Proven ability to recruit and build leaders and start new small groups, reaching new attenders and leading them towards Christian maturity
  • Relational, Incarnational, and Missional philosophy of ministry
  • Skills in preaching the message of God’s grace in Christ to the hearts and into the lives of God’s people

Application Deadline

Job Type:

Full Time

Salary Range:


General Information

Church/Organization Name

Cornerstone of Lakewood Ranch

Contact Name & Contact Info

(941) 320-9987




Presbyterian Church in America (PCA)

City, State

Lakewood Ranch, FL

Description of Organization

Originally planted in 1993 we have been at our new location in Lakewood Ranch, the fastest growing master-planned community in the U.S., since 2002. As we approach our 30th year our commitment to reach the unchurched is what continues to motivate us.  We are committed to our ancient faith nuanced in a modern vernacular in order that our community would be transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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