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Pastor/Director of Worship and Outreach

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John Piper once said, “Missions exist because Worship doesn’t.” It is our chief and highest end to glorify God and enjoy him forever. One of the ways that we glorify and enjoy God is in the act of worship. Worship should happen throughout all aspects of our lives but especially when we gather together as the body for corporate worship. When we gather for corporate worship, it is appropriate that we worship as God has instructed us in his Word. Those things that are commanded are:

  • The hearing of God’s word
  • Singing psalms, hymns, and other spiritual songs
  • The right administration and reception of the sacraments
  • Prayer with thanksgiving
  • The giving of tithes and offerings.
  • Book of Worship 2-1 A

When the body of Christ gathers for corporate worship, the pastor is the worship leader per Book of Government 9-5 A. 2 and Book of Worship 2-4 A.

However, it is also our duty to expand the worshiping community, called the Church. First Presbyterian is on the move in its revitalization efforts. As we move forward into our community with a vision of radical, biblical hospitality, we are looking for a unique individual with a desire to lead God’s people into vibrant, authentic, and reverent worship of God, as well as someone with a pastoral, compassionate, and merciful heart. This person needs to feel called to enter into the trenches with the pastor and the church membership to love the vulnerable, marginalized, and outcast of our community.

The responsibilities of the pastor/director of worship and outreach are as follows:

  • Leading Sunday Morning Worship
    • Play, sing, and lead the congregation in worship
    • The selection of music
    • Arrange for participation in special worship, weddings, funerals, and memorial services as requested
    • Maintain music files and resources
    • Communicating with the pastor regarding the selection of music for the purpose of approving the content, understanding that the pastor shall have final authority (Book of Worship 2-7 B).
  • To actively direct and/or participate in the musical aspect of worship every Sunday (expect for the pre-approved Sundays off).
  • The full development of all the different musical talents, skills, and styles found in our congregation.
    • This means recruiting, encouraging, and fostering all those with musical gifts, regardless of personal preference.
    • Making space for those gifts to be exercised.
    • Always moving the musical worship of FPC to greater excellence through problem solving and exploration of different styles and methodologies, when current modes are not successful.
  • To work alongside the pastor and the Vision Team in developing and implementing our vision of radical biblical hospitality in our mission to our community.
    • Lead Vision Team meetings (1 per month)
    • Recruit and train volunteers
    • Plan and implement outreach opportunities that fit within the vision of our church.
  • If the position is filled by a pastor:
    • Attend all Session meetings
    • Preach quarterly, or more as needed.
    • Attend Presbytery meetings and General Assembly.
    • Be able to assist in pastoral visitation and sacraments when needed.

The personal expectations of the music director are as follows:

  • Must boldly profess Christ alone as Savior.
  • They are to display spiritual and theological maturity, being committed to the Reformed Tradition, affirming in good faith the Westminster Standards, and taking no exceptions to the EPC Essentials of Our Faith.
  • As a leader within the church, they are expected to exemplify the love of Christ, speaking with love and grace (Col. 4:6), seeking to build up and edify others.
  • Any interpersonal disputes will be handled with love and grace in a spirit that reflects Matthew 5:38-48 and Matthew 18:15-20.
  • Must be highly personable, gracious, and willing to “learn on the go.”
  • Must be comfortable with building things from “the ground up,” and do so with a driven, self-starting enthusiasm.

Unacceptable behavior includes but not limited to:

  • Promoting heresy, anything that would be in violation of the Essentials of Our Faith, the Apostles’ Creed, the Nicene Creed, or the Athanasian Creed
  • Immoral behavior
    • Drunkenness / intoxication via other drugs
    • Sexual activity outside of a one man – one woman marital union
    • Idolatry
    • Gossiping, bickering, or any other act with the intended or unintended consequences of causing disruption and disunity in the congregation
  • Contempt for the pastor and the session, its decisions, or any of its members (Book of Discipline 1)




Email Elder Joe Collene ( and Pastor Jeremy McNeill ( in the same email with the following information:

  • Ministry Resume (visit for tips on how to make a stand-out ministry resume).
  • List of five references (please use at least three professional references. Any personal references must not be family members).
  • Video or audio of your teaching/preaching (links are preferable, but files are also acceptable).
  • Video or audio of your musical abilities. (This can either be from a live recording from a worship service, or a recording from your home or office. Please make sure the audio quality is clear, so that we get the best experience of your gifts). Please send one hymn and one contemporary song.

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Full Time

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General Information

Church Name

First Presbyterian Church

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(256) 652-7823




Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC)

City, State

Bucyrus, OH

Description of Organization

First Presbyterian Church is located in Bucyrus, OH, a small town "in the middle of everywhere." Our church left the PCUSA approximately 8 years ago and joined the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. We are the oldest remaining congregation in our town of about 13,000. We are in an exciting season in the life of our church, as we are in the process of revitalizing our Gospel mission to our community. Our church is in good health, but we recognize our need to more intentionally engage in Christ's kingdom work. Our people love God and each other deeply, cling to authority of Scriptures, and seek to worship God in ways that honor him and are a mutual encouragement to the saints.

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