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    1. Responsibilities of a Pastor
      1. As  pastor of NLC, a Pastor shall:
        1. Pray for and with his people
        2. Read the Scriptures
        3. Preach the Word
        4. Teach, reprove, exhort and comfort
        5. Administer the sacraments
        6. Pronounce the blessings of God upon the people
        7. Officiate at weddings and funerals and other Church functions
        8. Encourage and train up leaders in the Church
        9. Stimulate the well-being and smooth operation of the Church and its various functions including long range direction and vision for the church.
        10. Serve with ruling elders in all matters pertaining to the government, discipline, worship and education of the congregation

Position Qualifications:

    1. Description and qualifications of a Pastor 
      1. A Pastor is a man who is called by God in the Lord Jesus Christ, the King and Head of the Church, to a special ministry of the word.  Only those who give evidence of being called and qualified by the Lord Jesus Christ shall be set apart by the Church to this ministry.
      2. It rests primarily with the individual to determine whether or not he has been called as a Pastor.  Yet, as Christ fits His servants for ministry, they must also evidence the necessary qualifications for this work.
      3. The qualifications of a Pastor consist of such gifts as fit him for service as a teacher and leader in this ministry, and of such character and reputation as will continue to honor this office.
        1. Spiritual Maturity – a Pastor must be mature in his faith, with absolute certainty of his own saving relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.
        2. Christian Belief – a Pastor must confirm agreement to the vows for ordination as set forth in M 8 (Procedure to select and ordain Pastors) below.
        3. Church Belief – a Pastor must accept and submit to the doctrines, government and worship of THIS Church as agreeable to and founded upon the Word of God.
        4. Knowledge – a Pastor must give evidence of his knowledge of the Holy Scriptures, the doctrines, government, and worship of our Church, and the duties of a Pastor.
        5. Compassion – a Pastor must serve as Jesus Christ, Who came “not to be ministered unto, but to minister.”
        6. Personality – a Pastor must be one who will attract persons to Christ and His Church.
        7. Education – a Pastor must present evidence of having obtained a baccalaureate degree, or its equivalent, from an accredited 4-year college or university, as well as having obtained a masters degree in theological education from a reformed seminary approved by This Church.
      4. The office of Pastor includes the office and authority of ruling elder.  For this reason, the Pastor is sometimes referred to as a teaching elder.

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Full Time

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New Life Church Calabash

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(910) 616-2249





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Calabash, NC

Description of Organization

New Life Church exists to bring glory to God through gospel renewal in our lives and in the lives of people in the Brunswick communities and beyond.

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