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PRINCIPLE FUNCTION: Subject to the oversight and direction of the Session, and with their help and assistance, the Pastor of Immanuel Presbyterian Church (“Church”) is responsible for providing the Church spiritual and administrative leadership; and is to use his skills in the proclamation of the Gospel and the provision of pastoral care to all members of the Church and to the Community.



  • Provide Spiritual Leadership


    • Preach the Gospel, lead worship, Sunday School, prayer services, ordinances, funerals and weddings
    • Lead members to so trust and love God that they desire to serve Him
    • Lead the members to love one another and their neighbors
    • Encourage stewardship, tithing and support of the missions and functions of the Church with time, finances and talents


  • Provide Pastoral Leadership


    • Regularly visit with Church members
    • Biblically counsel members and others in Christian living and in times of crisis
    • Lead and train the Church’s Elders and Deacons, including any Assistant and/or Associate Pastor of the Church in engaging in church ministry
    • Recruit, encourage, and train male members in the pursuit of church office


  • Provide Outreach Leadership


    • Lead, plan and oversee ministries within the Church, including Sunday School, Men’s and Women’s Ministries, and missions.
    • Train, organize and lead members to teach Sunday School and participate in other Church ministries
    • Set an example to Church members in hospitality and cultivating un-churched persons
    • Lead the Officers of the Church in planning of outreach and fellowship


  • Provide Administrative Leadership


    • Lead the Church in vision setting and strategic planning
    • Lead the Church in the development of Church programs
    • Lead the Church to elect Elders and Deacons
    • Lead the Church to plan an annual calendar
    • Lead the Church to develop policies that establish an orderly carrying out of Church functions
    • Lead the Church in communications to Church Members and the community
    • Participate in the representation of the Church at presbytery meetings

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Full Time

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General Information

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Immanuel Presbyterian Church

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(769) 241-2004




Presbyterian - Other

City, State

Clinton, MS

Description of Organization

Immanuel Presbyterian Church is located in Clinton, MS and is seeking a biblically-qualified man to fill the role of full-time Pastor.  This man should love the Lord Jesus Christ, love his family, have a passion for preaching and teaching God’s Word, desire a relationship with church members, and have a heart for outreach into the surrounding community, all that the Kingdom of God might be built up in the doctrine and the love of our Savior.

Immanuel meets for worship each week with hearty singing, prayer, preaching of the Word, and communion with our Lord and each another.  We put a premium on gaining a deeper understanding of God’s Word through robust, engaging, and faithful preaching and teaching, and passing this on to our children for generations to come.

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