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Duties of the CCBC English Pastor

The pastor shall be in charge of the welfare and oversight of the English Ministry, and together with the board of officers, the church as a whole.

The Responsibilities of the pastor can be stated in 3 areas.

In Leadership, the CCBC English Pastor is responsible to

  • Promote a vision leading to a strategic plan for the English congregation, working with the Board of Officers and the Council so that the plan will be in concert with the whole church
  • Implement that strategic plan by working with the various ministries to be aligned with and to be supportive of the overall CCBC vision
  • Lead or work alongside EMC and Board of Officers to develop the leadership team for English ministry
  • Provide guidance for planning, organizing, and evaluating programs  in the various ministries of the English congregation
  • Agree and adhere to CCBC’s constitution and bylaw

In Ministry, the CCBC English Pastor will

  • Preach and teach God’s Word from the Bible and his personal knowledge of the   Provide pulpit ministry by preaching a minimum of 3-4 times per month. In  cooperation with the deacons, provide pulpit supply prior to scheduled absences
  • Equip, mentor and support the ministry teams and their leaders so that they can carry out their ministries, using his life as an example for others to follow
  • Teach and lead Bible studies
  • Fulfill the the pastoral office duties of discipleship, counseling, visitations/caring, outreach
  • Conduct all religious services, worship, communion, prayer meeting,  wedding, funeral, baptism, etc.

In Administration, the CCBC English Pastor will

  • Oversee the execution of CCBC functions. These include but are not limited to worship services, communion, baptism, weddings, funerals, church emergencies, and caring for the well being of church members
  • Participate and work with the board of officers, council, and core team to unify the body of Christ in building the Kingdom of God
  • Communicate regularly with the Board of Officers and Council regarding ministry teams’ progress and effectiveness in meeting their ministry goals
  • Participate in monthly council meetings
  • Set office hours

Position Qualifications:

  • Leadership for the English Ministry Council (EMC), direction for purpose and engagement of various ministries, and instructions regarding ministry practices
  • Preaching the word of God to all congregants
  • Systematic biblical teaching for personal and ministerial growth of leadership team
  • Discipleship of leaders, congregants, and new believers for personal development of their relationship and walk with Christ
  • Foster a culture of personal evangelism and outreach within the English congregation to our community

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Full Time

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General Information

Church/Organization Name

Charlotte Chinese Baptist Church

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(828) 446-7674




Baptist - Other

City, State

Charlotte, NC

Description of Organization

Charlotte Chinese Baptist Church (CCBC) is looking to fill a full-time pastor position for our English congregation. Established in 1990 as a place for Chinese believers in the Charlotte region to meet and worship together, it has since developed into a fully bilingual church with ministries in both Mandarin Chinese and English languages. CCBC is an elder led congregation. Pastors work together with the board of elders to determine church vision and direction and their implementation.

If you feel that this may be the position of service to which God is calling you, please submit your resume along with your answers to the following questions and any other information which may help us get to know you.

1.) In a few words, explain why you are leaving your current place in life (job, school, ministry, etc.)

2.) Why are you specifically drawn to Charlotte or to Charlotte Chinese Baptist Church?

3.) Have you ever been involved in cross-cultural ministry?  If yes, please elaborate.

4.) Please state in a few words how you were called to full-time ministry.

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