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In partnership with the One Hope Presbyterian Session, the pastor will:

  • Cultivate a personal relationship with God that evidences attentiveness to His word, His mission, and His work within and through His church.
  • Orient One Hope Presbyterian in its active participation in the life and mission of God by equipping the church to attend to God in Scripture reading, prayer, discipleship, and corporate worship.
  • Oversee the planning and conducting of all worship services, including the regular administration of the sacraments. It is expected that sermons will be expository and that our corporate worship will be attuned to the rhythm and seasons of the Christian calendar. Our corporate worship is liturgical in nature, enabling the participation of the entire congregation in singing, prayer, Scripture reading, and fellowship. The minister is expected to preach 44 times a year (morning services).
  • Serve as the Moderator of the Session and lead the elders in discerning God’s will for this local body.
  • Be engaged in church-wide discipleship initiatives, in part by developing and sustaining a comprehensive Christian education plan.
  • Provide and oversee proactive pastoral care through spiritual direction and hospitality, including (but not limited to) visitation of newborns, and those who are hospitalized.
  • Be equipped to counsel those in need and respond to crisis situations.
  • Encourage the growth of the members of One Hope Presbyterian to find their place within the life and ministry of the church.
  • Oversee the office administration of the church, including but not limited to annual reports, membership roll, event planning, financial reports, and member communication.
  • Serve as an active member of the Gulf South Presbytery and the General Assembly of the EPC.
  • In addition to these foundational ministries, One Hope Presbyterian is looking to develop the following areas of ministry in partnership with the gifting and passions of the pastor and the Session:
    • The musical component of corporate worship
    • Helping college students plug into the life and ministry of One Hope
    • Elder training
    • International missions
    • Outreach ministry (including evangelism, community development [Asset based community development partnerships], and kingdom work with other churches in Longview)
  • Fostering racial reconciliation and harmony within churches in Longview
  • Developing reconciliation and peacemaking competencies for our church and community.

Please see our Church Information Form. Interested candidates should send their PIF (downloadable form available at with a letter of interest to One Hope Presbyterian Church, Longview, Texas by emailing them to, with “Pastor Search Applicant” in the Subject Heading.

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Full Time

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General Information

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One Hope Presbyterian Church

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(903) 918-7924




Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC)

City, State

Longview, TX

Description of Organization

One Hope Presbyterian is a community learning how to love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength and how to love our neighbors as ourselves. We want to be anchored by God’s love as revealed in the gospel; to be enabled by the Holy Spirit’s power; to encourage one another by gathering regularly; to live lives marked by service and obedience. We pray for a shared life that honors God, shows His grace and love to all, and that brings peace, justice, cultural renewal, and flourishing to Longview and the world.

We are relational

Although Christian doctrine can be summarized in creeds and confessions, following Jesus is not data or information or beliefs. Fundamentally, Christianity is about being in relationship—relationship with God and relationship with other people. One Hope Presbyterian is a place where people connect to God through worship and teaching and connect to each other through fellowship, sharing of resources, and strengthening families. In this way, we are a reconstituted family (a community) seeking to orient ourselves to God and to each other, rather than to our individual selves.

We are confessional

We affirm the historic, orthodox Christian faith as revealed in Scripture and summarized in the Nicene Creed. The historic protestant reformed confessions and catechisms of the church, (like the Westminster Confession of Faith and catechisms), while subordinate to the Bible in their authority, set forth our understanding of Biblical truth in a concise and reliable form.

We are missional

As a community of Jesus followers, we are called to join in God’s mission in Longview, Texas and the world. God’s mission (or Missio Dei) as revealed in scripture is to redeem and restore the world through the advancement of the gospel. When people encounter Jesus, alive and ruling as king, they catch a glimpse of His coming kingdom of heaven. This mission infuses the entire life of a believer. So every believer is to be an agent for the kingdom of God and to carry that mission into every sphere of life.

We are liturgical

The term “liturgy” means “work of the people.” It is what God’s people do when they assemble to worship God as one body. At One Hope, our worship follows the historical patterns of Christian worship that connect believers through the ages and to those believers that are around the world. Because worship is where God meets his covenant people, not just individuals, we pray together, we sing together, we confess our aspirations and shortcomings together, and we share the Lord’s Table together. By following this pattern on Sunday, we seek to shape our affections the other six days of the week.

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