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Part-Time Biblical and Theological Sermon Researcher

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We are currently in need of men and women interested in doing sermon research for our clients. We don’t write sermons, but we want to provide pastors with materials that will help them become better preachers themselves. We do this by providing biblical and theological research as well as crafting and developing the kinds of sticky phrases/concepts, analogies, stories, word pictures, and fresh perspectives on topics that connect the scripture’s theology to the everyday churchgoer. In short, we are in need of persons who excel at developing memorable ways to convey biblical material in a winsome and accessible manner.

Position Qualifications:

The applicant should be well-versed in biblical studies and theology (i.e., academically excellent) but also capable of applying that material to “normal” (i.e., non-academic) Christians. Some seminary or graduate education is required. Working knowledge of biblical languages is preferred.

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Part Time

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Docent Research Group

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(630) 397-9516





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Austin, TX

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Docent Research Group partners with church and ministry leaders by providing excellent, customized research, book summaries, and curriculum development.

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