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Minister/Director of City Engagement

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Boston is currently experiencing a renaissance. After decades of decline, our city is in the midst of its most significant burst of population growth, reflecting the world-wide trend of urbanization. The government’s projection of growth ( indicates increases that will radically shift the racial, ethnic and cultural composition of the city. Mixed land-use development in the Downtown Crossing area and new developments in the Seaport region have already witnessed thousands of new residents within walking distance of Park Street Church. Boston is also ranked in the top 25 ‘Global Elite’ cities of the world in 2018 in terms of innovation, human capital, information exchange and business (

Given Boston’s current and future outlook, Park Street Church recognizes both the opportunities and the threats that these trends have for gospel ministry in the city. Our leadership is also mindful of the tremendous suffering that surrounds the church. For those new to the city and those newly searching for a spiritual home, we realize that life-giving biblical proclamation, transformative community groups, and powerful worship will be vital. Furthermore, practical acts of love and kindness to those who live in the city through ministries of compassion and mercy will illustrate to newcomers and long-time neighbors that Christ called us to live out the gospel using our heads, hearts, hands, and feet. Such witness in deed and word to both the least and the highest amongst us can provide a disarmingly attractive apologetic to those who are disillusioned, distracted or disinterested in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Director of City Engagement will be a vision caster for both city professionals and for the vulnerable in Boston. He or she will live and engage in the city. The Director will report to the Minister of Missions, serve on the Park Street Missions Committee, and collaborate with different ministries across the church. The Director will be responsible for mobilizing new volunteers, coaching current members engaged with the city, forming teams, and providing administrative and pastoral support.

The Director will bring his or her professional experience, ministry skills, and call from God to bring the Gospel truth and Christ’s love in action into the city. We want our neighbors to hear the message of Christ’s love and also to see it lived out by a congregation who are salt and light in their workplaces, who feeds the hungry, welcomes the stranger, and visits the prisoners. We want those who may live close to Park Street, yet feel separated by race, culture, education or finance to experience the transforming power of the gospel and intimacy with God.

The Director will help us as a church to identify specific problems in our city that God is inviting us to engage in and, in response, to be part of potential Christ-centered, gospel-based solutions. We hope this person will help us answer some important questions:

  1. What are the key challenges people face who live within one-mile of the church and who travel through it? Park Street is uniquely positioned to help respond to the challenges people face and to realize opportunities that are as yet unaddressed.
  2. How should Park Street seek a role in providing Christian community as the city of Boston changes? The next decade will see tens of thousands of new residents seeking new living space and new employees seeking jobs. This will require new living spaces, new industrial centers, and developments that do not generally include houses of worship as key parts of neighborhood community.
  3. How can Park Street learn from and partner with other churches, organizations and individuals responding to the same call to the city of Boston? Given Park Street’s strategic geographic location, how can we take advantage of this for the greater good of mission and ministry in the city?

As we answer these questions, the Director will help us to define the One Mile Vision for Park Street Church. This vision will focus on how to meaningfully impact those people who live in and move through the area within one mile of our steeple. While Park Street members live both inside and outside the One Mile, the congregation has unique gifts to offer both to city professionals and to the vulnerable. We see our city’s great brokenness, yet its inspiring potential. Although we do not yet know exactly what this vision will look like, we trust God will guide us by the Holy Spirit and equip us for a God-given role in Boston through a demonstration of the love of Christ.


  1. Develop the One Mile Vision for Park Street Church in coordination with the Minister of Missions, Senior Minister, ministerial staff, and informed congregants based on answers to the three key questions raised above;
  2. Report directly to the Minister of Missions;
  3. Develop strategies based on the One Mile Vision that seek to reach out to city professionals and to care better for the needs of the vulnerable in our city;
  4. Set priorities and timelines to achieve outcomes for these strategies of city engagement;
  5. Write a strategic three-year mission plan that will be approved by the Missions Committee and Elder Board of Park Street Church;
  6. Disciple and equip volunteers of all backgrounds through education, coaching, and coordination of outreach opportunities;
  7. Connect church members already engaged in activities pertaining to city professionals and to the vulnerable with an aim of enhancing the common good of our city;
  8. Provide pastoral and administrative support for volunteers and coordination across existing Park Street ministries for the communities and individuals within the One Mile area;
  9. Serve as a visible spokesperson to ministerial staff and lay leadership regarding city professionals and the vulnerable on matters such as housing, rehabilitation, addiction recovery, marketplace witness and discipleship;
  10. Manage the operational aspects of the One Mile Vision initiatives in accordance with the Statement of Missions Policy and the Bylaws of Park Street Church;
  11. Organize an annual conference in the Spring that showcases the One Mile Vision and motivates the congregation to be engaged in the city;
  12. Keep Park Street Church up to date with current trends and developments in city ministry in Boston, across the nation, and globally;
  13. Signify agreement with Park Street’s Covenant of Faith, Confession of Faith and Policy on Marriage and become a member of Park Street Church as soon as possible during the first year of service.

Position Qualifications:

The position of Minister/Director of City Engagement requires a long term commitment to the church. The candidate’s experience and gifts will be employed immediately without a long learning curve. It is expected that the person occupying the position will not require extended personal or educational time away from the position.

Education: Given the high profile context of this position with government, university, and religious partners, the Director of City Engagement must be well educated and have at least a Master’s Degree in Public Policy from a well regarded institution and/or a Master of Divinity, Master of Theology, Master of Urban Ministry degree from a well regarded institution. Additional education, such as a DMin, ThM, ThD, or PhD is desirable but not required. Candidates should have native-like fluency (both oral and written) in English.

Faith: The position of Director of City Engagement requires a person with a strong Evangelical faith which the Ministerial Staff, Elders and Missions Committee of Park Street Church recognize as consistent with the Statement of Faith of Park Street Church (which they will be required to endorse.) The Director of City Engagement should be comfortable with Reformed theology, which is the historic perspective of the church and the predominant perspective of our staff, but also irenic toward other responsible Evangelical viewpoints.

Experience: It is desirable that the person in this position will have lived and worked in a city for at least five years. A demonstrated passion for city outreach must be evident. Because Boston is a fast-growing, modern city, prior ministry experience in a similar urban setting is necessary. Experience working in or with government offices is preferred, or academic programs focused on issues of urban poverty, public health, or similar focus. We are especially interested in candidates who have demonstrated success launching and sustaining a successful urban ministry in a similar sized metropolitan context. Evidence of strong pastoral gifts will be required.

Personal: The position of Director of City Engagement requires someone with a well-informed, infectious faith in Christ and who embraces in a particular way the Great Commission. They should demonstrate being Spirit-filled, devoted to God’s word, and committed to prayer. The candidate should be someone who models a loving Christ-centered approach to interpersonal relationships and the pursuit of personal holiness. An approachable and humble spirit must be evident. The position requires a person who can sustain with enthusiasm Park Street Church’s ministry to Boston and someone who will be able to encourage and elicit the prayer, engagement, counsel, and labor of many volunteers. The Director will live in the city of Boston.

The Director of City Engagement, as a member of a team of Ministers at Park Street Church, which include both men and women, must exhibit a team spirit with a readiness and desire to help out in any ministry of the Church if called upon.

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Located in the heart of Boston, Park Street Church has had three defining characteristics throughout its 209-year history: a commitment to excellent preaching of the inerrant Word of God, spreading that Gospel to the ends of the earth, and the training of its people to live out the transforming power of the love of Christ in every area of their lives. PSC is a faithful member of the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference and has approximately 1,200 members. We are Evangelical, Congregational, and International.

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