General Information

Job Title:

Office Manager and Assistant to the Vice President

Job Description:

General Overview

The Office Manager is responsible for facilitating the overall functionality of the administration office.

Specific Responsibilities

Receptionist (10%)

  • Greet visitors and guests in a pleasant and courteous manner
  • Assist guests in locating appropriate offices and escort them there, if needed.
  • Provide staff and faculty with coffee and refreshments on a daily basis
  • Maintain a clean and professional work environment
  • Have working knowledge of all general office machines (postage, copier, fax, etc.)
  • Train/assist faculty and staff with office machines
  • Operate a multi-line phone system and transfer calls to the appropriate person
  • Maintain current phone extension list and staff cell phone directory
  • Screen calls as requested by various individuals
  • Walk around campus and make sure all is in order

Office Management (45%)

Human Resources

  • Intake new student workers and assist the VP in filling out E-verification, as well as gathering all needed paperwork for new student workers
  • Assist student workers in setting up and using their Paycom accounts
  • Keep up with Auto Insurance Compliance Forms for all seminary car drivers


  • Be aware of all campus activities and assist when needed
  • Monitor and order campus supplies, office, mailing, maintenance
  • Keep work counters clean and clutter free
  • Schedule all campus office equipment maintenance or repairs
  • Gather info and report copier and postage totals and send to Jackson monthly
  • Interface with housekeeping about campus needs, via email, or phone
  • Keep the Master Calendar current
  • Schedule outside groups that are having an event on the RTS Charlotte campus, manage rental agreement, payment, logistics, follow-up
  • Monitor, order package supplies and stock shelves with supplies
  • Process delivered mail
  • Monitor and add funds to Pitney Bowes machine as needed
  • Order postal supplies
  • Accept and sign for deliveries
  • Manage seminary car usage, reservations, and keys


  • Assist onsite workers/vendors with details of their tasks (keys, directions, logistics) and notify VP
  • Direct the Operations & Maintenance team when needed during VP absence
  • Contact vendors for service as needed for repairs (electrician, pest control, HVAC, etc.)
  • Oversee the campus lost and found
  • Post signs on campus as needed
  • Christmas: gather individuals to help set up Christmas tree in main lobby and decorate after Thanksgiving. Have student workers hang 4 exterior wreaths. Remove in early January.
  • Monitor and set/reset temperature via online HVAC control system

Staff Kitchen

  • Verify regularly that there are adequate coffee supplies in the staff/faculty kitchen
  • Clean coffee area daily and wash all coffee carafes weekly
  • Order or shop for items needed in kitchen (ex: creamer, dish soap, paper towels)
  • Keep paper products in kitchen stocked
  • Wash kitchen dishtowels in RTS kitchen
  • Straighten kitchen on a regular basis

Security System

  • Order security badges
  • Input student names with assigned security card into the system, assigning door access
  • Provide guests and vendors with temporary cards
  • Replace cards that no longer work
  • Monitor the operations of various doors
  • Set specific doors to be unlocked during events
  • Maintain security monitor surveillance
  • Communicate with security company when needed

Ministry Lunches/Student Life

  • Order food if requested for lunches
  • Set up for lunches if needed
  • Help confirm dates and guidelines with ministry coming for ministry lunch
  • Track RSVPs for some ministry lunches
  • Clean up after all ministry lunches

Support Faculty and Staff (45%)

Assist the VP for Administration

  • Serve as the main administrative assistant to the VP
  • Collect and prepare weekly invoice reports for accounting, coding correctly, scanning, and submitting to Accounts Payable (with VP’s approval) on Fridays.
  • Follow up on unpaid invoices, missing invoices, etc., ensuring bills have been paid promptly
  • Prepare monthly credit card statements, collecting all receipts, coding properly, scanning, and submitting to Accounts Payable (with VP’s approval)
  • Send out emails to staff and faculty regarding reimbursements and facility updates, on behalf of VP
  • Help VP coordinate Operations & Maintenance work assigned to student workers and review weekly events with the maintenance team each Monday morning
  • Help VP make decisions regarding facility maintenance and upgrades
  • All other duties as assigned by the VP

DMin Assistant

  • Send out notifications regarding continuation fees, project proposals, and upcoming classes
  • Assist Dr. Fortson with details during classes
  • Assist DMin Director in corrdinating travel and stay for incoming DMin professors

Assist Development

  • Assist with special events/dinners by accepting RSVPs, making name tags, etc.
  • Assist the VP of Development and Executive Assistant to the President when needed

Assist Professors

  • Copying, faxing, scanning, shipping, and any other clerical needs
  • Help with reimbursement requests as needed
  • Order faculty lunches once a month and work with the Academic Dean to arrange a meal choice
  • Arrange food pick up, set up the room, provide drinks, clean up after

Assist Student Services/Academic Administration

  • Administer Catechism tests and Bible exams, return to Registrar’s box
  • Collect course papers, notating date received, place in Professor’s box
  • Proctor tests/exams (for Charlotte, via library)
  • Assist in shipping items to off-campus professors
  • Collect tests/exams and return to Registrar’s box

Assist Provost’s Office

  • Assist Provost with activities surrounding institution and help with needed copies and techonology for accreditation meetings
  • Assist the Director of Academic Administration when RTS Charlotte hosts meetings for RTS deans or Provost gatherings and provide snacks and beverages for meeting

Position Qualifications:

Competencies and Skills

  • Strong communication, interpersonal skills, and organizational skills.
  • Able to work in an environment that is fast-paced and where interuptions occur frequently.
  • Positive and helpful attitude.
  • Strong computer skills: Outlook, Word, and Excel are necessary.
  • Ability to learn new database systems like Power Campus and Jenzabar.
  • Ability to work with a team and be flexible.
  • Ability to see a need on campus and address it promptly.
  • Know how to operate phone systems.
  • Ability to multi-task

Relationship to Other Staff

Reports to: Stephane Jeanrenaud
Consults with: Danielle Belcher, Chris Vaughn, Brian McIntyre, Todd Whiting.
Communicates with: Mike Copening, Besty Carmichael, Lisa Schaffer, HR, all Charlotte and Global faculty and staff

Hours and Benefits

This position is a full-time hourly position. Work hours on campus are usually from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., with a half-hour off for lunch. All full-time employees are offered health insurance (if needed) and a retirement plan. Details of that plan are available upon request.

All staff are given accrued vacation, 5 days of sick time, and 4 personal days. Employees are allowed to roll over up to 10 unused vacation and 10 unused sick days to the following year. Maximum days per year can be 20 sick and 20 vacation days. After 11 years of service, the employee is entitled to one additional vacation day for a total of 4 weeks of vacation a year.

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General Information

Church/Organization Name

Reformed Theological Seminary

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City, State

Charlotte, NC

Description of Organization

Mission: The mission of Reformed Theological Seminary is to serve the church by preparing its leaders, through a program of graduate theological education, based upon the authority of the inerrant Word of God, and committed to the Reformed faith.

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