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Job Title:

Middle School Bible Teacher

Job Description:

Orangewood Christian School is seeking a Middle School Bible Teacher.  Bible teaching experience is preferred.  Our teachers are building Christian Community within and beyond the school, are active in a church community and serving as Christian role models to students, parents and staff.  Teachers are expected to keep abreast of current trends and assist their respective departments with long-term goal planning for the program, developing both short and long term instructional objectives.  Teachers must have strong Instructional and Classroom Management skills, including but not limited to: use of various teaching strategies and resources to actively engage students in learning; adjusting curriculum as appropriate; posting lesson plans on RenWeb; evaluating handouts and testing materials against student performance; evaluating students and providing opportunities for students to demonstrate mastery; quickly grading and returning student work; enforcing school discipline policies in a consistent and loving manner; promptly notifying parents and administration of behavioral or academic problems and organizing classroom materials for efficient learning.  OCS teachers are expected to make meaningful connections between faith and learning in the classroom.  The employee is responsible for continuing education and completing certification requirements.

Position Qualifications:

Education Requirement: Bachelor’s Degree

Years of Experience: 3-5

Licenses or Certifications: Holds or is in the process of earning a Florida Educator Certificate

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Full Time

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General Information

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Orangewood Christian School

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(407) 339-0223




Not Applicable

City, State

Maitland, FL

Description of Organization

Orangewood Christian School is a co-educational, college preparatory school for grades K4 through 12. Orangewood was founded in 1980 as a ministry of Orangewood Church, PCA. Our two campuses are located in Maitland, a suburb of Orlando, Florida.
Mission Statement
The mission of Orangewood Christian School is to equip students to transform the world for Christ and His kingdom.
Each student who is educated at Orangewood Christian School will advance Christ’s kingdom, engage and transform culture, and serve and honor God.
Our goal is that children of believers are mentored and taught academics, technology, fine arts and athletics from a reformed, Christian perspective, encouraging them to discover and use their unique gifts and talents to God’s glory.
OCS Core Values
We are committed to provide an education taught from a Christian worldview.  We are committed at OCS to treating every student as a unique creation of God.  We are committed to the continuous pursuit of excellence in all that we do.

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