General Information

Job Title:

Lead Pastor

Job Description:


By God’s grace, the Lead Pastor at Origin church will be a Spirit-empowered,
dynamic leader with a clear vision for the church’s future. The ideal candidate will:

• Faithfully preach the Bible with Gospel conviction and sound doctrine
• Lead and develop strategic goals to fulfill the church’s mission
• Provide strong leadership for the elders, staff, deacons, and ministry teams
• Cast compelling vision to catalyze and provide direction for Origin
• Have a shepherd’s heart for the people of Origin church
• Continue to move the church toward cultural diversity and racial reconciliation
as implications of the Gospel


Position Qualifications:


• Meet the qualifications of elder stated in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 2
• Be in full agreement with Covenant Faith Declarations, Distinctions, and
Ministry Values.
• Proven excellence in expository preaching
• At least five years of pastoral experience
• Formal biblical education preferred
• Possess a high leadership capacity

Application Deadline


Job Type:

Full Time

Salary Range:


General Information

Church/Organization Name

Origin Church

Contact Name & Contact Info

(619) 729-6255





City, State

Sacramento, CA

Description of Organization


Origin church is an intimate, Acts 29 church, located in Sacramento, CA. Having
begun 12 years ago in a coffee shop northeast of Sacramento, the Origin body of
believers is striving to make much of Jesus in every area of life. The mission of Origin
is three-fold: making disciples who make disciples, building hope in the city, and
planting churches. Origin is vibrant, youthful and full of families and young
professionals. The members of Origin are passionate about sound theology,
thoughtful expressions of worship, and quality cups of third-wave coffee.

The church community is earnestly praying for a new Lead Pastor who will lead them
into the flourishing future to make an impact for the Gospel both in the Sacramento
region and beyond. Origin is looking for a Lead Pastor who will help point members
to Jesus and provide strong visionary leadership.


While Origin began further outside of Sacramento in the city of Rocklin, the church
currently meets in northeast Sacramento. As the capital of California, the city
of Sacramento is the 6th most populous in California with an ever-increasing influx of
transplants, particularly from the Bay Area. While the cost of living is higher than
many metros nationwide, it is relatively affordable compared to many other cities in
California, making it highly attractive to young families. There is an incredible
missional opportunity with only around 37% of Sacramento residents who claim to be
“religious” in any way, and still fewer who identify themselves as Christians.

Origin is well-positioned to be a regional church with members living in several of the
surrounding areas. This has provided both a unique opportunity and challenge to
reach the community. With members spread throughout the region, there remains
a significant opportunity for the church to impact the immediate neighborhood. The
congregation of Origin church is diverse politically, economically, and ethnically,
reflecting the various communities in Sacramento county. With a unified vision under
a catalytic leader, Origin Church is poised to be an agent of transformation for the
sake of Christ.

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