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Intern (Assistant to the Director working from a Virtual Office)

Job Description:

Multiple tasks need time-sensitive responses. Working over VoIP does not mean the tasks always get quicker. Or easier. With multiple projects running concurrently, we are in need of someone who can do what is needed, someone who will run with a project but maintain close coordination with senior staff. Be the part time assistant to the Executive Director.

If this is your call, you will know it. Although we can provide a small ($100) monthly stipend, you probably will want to raise more support.

You will do diverse admin tasks, some editing, and a little content creation. You will keep our website running smoothly, and make sure our publications and videos are marketed effectively. You will keep projects on schedule and up to standards. Above all, stay calm and Romans 12:11 on (fervently serving the Kingdom) in a fluid Christian context.

Position Qualifications:

SKILL SET:  Word Processing, preferably both Mac and MS Word. Editing. Apple savvy. Website maintenance. Knowledge of Scripture. In both admin skills and personal studies, more than competent but not necessarily a scholar.

EQUIPMENT REQUIREMENTS: Must have a personal laptop or desktop computer, a phone and access to high speed internet. Preferably Apple equipment, but we are tolerant of others.

ATTITUDE: Willing to work as an assistant to the Director. Flexible; can respond to requests in a timely manner. Reads the Bible and prays with faith. Born again. Interested in learning to work with people in poverty settings. Understands the challenges of faith-based missions that raise their own funding. Understands and accepts that we work from a evangelical and Reformed framework.



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One Door Ministries

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(662) 487-1487




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Sardis, MS

Description of Organization

OneDoor equips Christian leaders on the island of La Gonave, Haiti, to live by grace and teach with love. As exemplars of Christian faith, leaders must break out of cultural entanglements (catholicism, voodoo). They must lead with joy in a culture of despair and turmoil. Only Christ. Only Scripture. Only faith. OneDoor.

Our teams create teaching media and approaches, then use them (most often through distance learning) to communicate Christ at the One Door Bible School and Seminary located near Anse A Galets on the island of La Gonave, about 17 miles off shore in the Bay of Port Au Prince, Haiti. We are a mission with a difference: Our normal mode of interaction is digital. We have half-day Thursday and all-day Friday classes at our training center, and our faculty teaches from their own homes and offices. While classes are free, students pay their own way to travel in each day at a cost of $5 to $15 one way. They pay $10 to $30 a day to come to class in an economy where an average day's wage is $3 to $5.  Our first students were shocked by the simplicity and beauty of the Apostle's Creed. They were delighted by TULIP (renamed LIBRE on La Gonave). They rejoiced at learning  "tout bagay krazè". (Everything is broken. Total depravity. The whole world, not just Haiti, is messed up.) And most affirming, not by merit but by Grace, Jesus saves His people.

They take this training seriously. So do we. We all find a lot of peace and joy working together. That is why we raise our own support and work on a shoestring budget, but still produce top-shelf resources.

Our Executive Director is Steve Jameson. He is a writer and media producer developing Reformed literature for use in missions, globally but focused on Haiti. He concurrently pastors a small rural PCA church in NW Mississippi, and has since 2016. Before that: 15 years resident pastor in the urban core of St Louis (MO) and 6 years resident missions experience in Nigeria. He is a graduate of Covenant Sem. Overall, he has been in full time ministry since 1984.  And he is still  loving it.

With OneDoor, you will be part of something bigger than the American Dream.

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