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Job Description:

The housekeeping staff is responsible for providing janitorial services for all spaces within the campus buildings of Reformed Theological Seminary. Employees must be able to communicate and work with all parties to ensure RTS continues to be a safe, clean and sanitary environment in which to learn and work. Staff members are expected to maintain assigned cleaning supplies, equipment, and work areas in an orderly, safe, clean, and efficient manner. Seminary employees are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner with courtesy, integrity, and honesty. The Housekeeper position reports directly to the Director of Operations.

Roles and Responsibilities

The housekeeping staff is responsible for cleaning, sanitizing, and maintaining all spaces within campus buildings, including (but not limited to) common areas, entryways, stairwells, classrooms, conference rooms, offices, library, bookstore, counseling center, student center, chapel, tenant spaces, and restroom facilities.

Daily Responsibilities:

  • Sweep and vacuum floors; vacuum carpets, rugs, entry mats
  • Dust and polish furniture for all campus spaces with exception to individual offices
  • Clean and sanitize restroom facilities including (but not limited to) floors, sinks, toilets, and mirrors; replenish restroom supplies including paper towels, toilet paper, soap, etc.
  • Empty, clean, and sanitize waste receptacles in all spaces within campus buildings; replace trash can liners
  • Remove all visible trash from buildings, as well as broken down boxes and other items that are left next to trash cans to be disposed of
  • Spot clean all interior/exterior door glass
  • Spot clean high traffic doors
  • Select and mix products used for fulfilling duties
  • Assist in the ordering of housekeeping supplies
  • Ensure closets are secure, clean, organized, and professional in appearance at all times

Weekly Responsibilities:

  • Dust and polish furniture for individual offices
  • Mop all floors with neutral floor cleaner
  • Clean and dust all railings and fixtures
  • Clean elevators

Monthly Responsibilities:

  • Dust vents and light fixtures
  • Dust HVAC vent covers

2-3 Times Per Year Responsibilities:

  • Deep clean carpets
  • Strip, wax, and refinish floors
  • Wash windows and window sills

As Needed Responsibilities:

  • Clean campus houses as needed before resident move-ins
  • Clean off-site library
  • Other duties as assigned by supervisor

Position Qualifications:

Competencies and Skills

Physical: Much of the Facilities work at RTS involves manual labor and requires good health and fitness to perform routine tasks. Staff may be required to work at heights on ladders, scaffolds or lifts, and lift heavy weights.

Knowledge: Facilities personnel should have basic knowledge in the areas of responsibility described above. Basic skills in troubleshooting, computer use, and customer service are helpful in performing required tasks.

Education and Experience Requirements

  • Education: High School Diploma or GE
  • Experience: 2 years experience in janitorial or maintenance related field is preferred.
  • Credentials: Additional certifications in the field of housekeeping are preferred but not required.

Hours and Benefits

This position is a full-time hourly position. Any benefits, holidays, etc. are available in the RTS Operating Manual or by contacting our Payroll & Benefits Administrator

Application Deadline

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Full Time

Salary Range:

Commensurate with experience

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Reformed Theological Seminary

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Jackson, Mississippi

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Mission: The mission of Reformed Theological Seminary is to serve the church by preparing its leaders, through a program of graduate theological education, based upon the authority of the inerrant Word of God, and committed to the Reformed faith.

Why RTS? Our goal is for RTS employees to have a sense of deep alignment between their work and who they are as an individual. We want each employee to feel a personal connection to their work and a true sense of purpose and calling. Your career at RTS is where your gladness and satisfaction meets our need. Additionally, the relocation of the Jackson campus represents a renewed investment in our faculty and staff, providing a more spatially efficient and unified campus experience with upgraded accessibility and infrastructure.

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